Why Palo Mayombe Is the Right Religion And Practice For You?

Are you in search of a religion of dark magic to practice? 

Do you desire to possess supernatural powers that give you the ability to create results? 

Are you curious about the undiluted teachings of the African gods and spirits?

Do you seek a connection with the spirits of your ancestors or great men from your lineage?

Do you need healing and blessings from the gods and the spirits?

Do you seek protection from the spirits against destruction and calamity?

Are you in search of a spiritual family and community to guide and lead you as you attain heights in the practice of divination?

Palo Mayombe is, without a doubt, the right religion for you to practice. Palo Mayombe is the most powerful and the most dreaded cult among all other black magic religions. The practitioners of this religion who also called Paleros, hold and wield great magical powers that they are consulted by followers and priests of other Black magic religions.

Benefits of Becoming A Palero:

Palo Mayombe is a religion is set on the pillars of the reverence of gods and deep connection with the spirits of the ancestors. Through this connection with the dead and the spirits, you access great power to create desired changes in the physical realm. You can give healing from sicknesses as well as cause the same. You can obtain great powers that can do as much as take another man’s life.

Practicing Palo Mayombe places you under the protection and guidance of the spirits and ancestors. You can commune with the spirits. You would be granted the gifts of foresight and knowledge. You can see into the future and perform acts of divination on behalf of others. You will be sought after by people for answers and solutions to their different issues.

Joining the Palo Mayombe community would mean you now belong to another family. As a Palero, you would have the mentoring and teachings of godparents to help you on your path to spiritual enlightenment and fulfillment. You would also have treasured relationships with Paleros in different cities and countries of the world.

Becoming a follower of the Palo Mayombe sets you on a spiritual path to finding yourself. There is no limitation to you attaining the highest status within the community, as long as you have the courage and commitment to undergo the different initiation rites, sacrifices, and teachings. You must attend to the ngangas in your care and never neglect the needs of the nfumbi.

Palo Mayombe, contrary to belief is a religion that can be used for positive results such as healing and creating solutions to the needs of others. Though some Paleros use it for other negative vices such as laying curses and casting evil spells on others, it is not encouraged or supported by true followers. When matters of justice arise, they are presented to the spirits who would take actions at their discretion.