What you should expect during a Spiritual Palo Mayombe Cleansing

If you are looking to be cleansed from all the spiritual ills and ailments that bother you, a Palero is the right person to approach.

But perhaps you are unsure what form the process the spiritual cleansing might take or the ingredients you might need, there’s no need for panic.

Understanding the procedure

The process is a very simple one and it guarantees that you will be read of all your spiritual troubles.

Here, we have outlined some of the ingredients you might need as well as some of the few things you should expect when going for a spiritual Palo Mayombe cleansing.

Removing Witchcraft or Sorcery

Do you know this is a really spiritual cleansing? Yes, it should be performed by only a palero who is totally capable as well as competent in invoking the spirits to do his bidding.

To remove witchcraft or sorcery, some of the ingredients for the cleansing includes:

  • Palo Clavo
  • Palo Caballero
  • Rum
  • Cigars
  • White onions
  • Coconut
  • Holy water
  • Cascarilla
  • Fourteen white candles
  •  A Black Rooster
  • A few other Palo Mayombe symbols


The preparations for the cleansing can take different forms. Here’s how the priest might choose to make the preparations:

  1. Putting the ingredients together: This can be done in several ways. One of it will see the palero grind and combine some of the ingredients for the initiation. For example, he might choose to start by pulverizing the Palo caballero and the Palo clavo, working them till they become fine powder, then he might crack the coconut, empty it of the water therein, and pull out the meat.

This he might place in a small or large bowl. Then he can proceed with mixing the pulverized Palo ingredients with the coconut- that is after he grates it- and then adding the holy water to the mix. The palero will then proceed with some of the other steps. The aforementioned are only a few of the processes involved in the preparation.

  • Actual cleansing: This comes after the ingredients have been prepared. This is the stage that will involve you actively. It is when you will take to the centre of the circle of your cleansing and complete it. This you will come to discover on the actual day you’re to carry out your cleansing.

Post Cleansing

After the cleansing has been done, your body is free of all witchcraft and sorcery spells. The Palo Mayombe spirits take charge and form a protective pillar around you.

As you have seen the initiation is a simple yet powerful one. There’s nothing to be anxious about, unlike how it is with other religions.

The Palo Mayombe religion simplifies the mythical and carves out a cleansing structure that has been masterminded through years of practice of the beautiful religion.

And in the case of any cleansing that needs to be done, the Palero, wise and brave, through his knowledge of the illnesses and the familiarities with the spirit world will so easily cleanse and rid you of all that causes the troubles within your being.