What are the rituals in Palo Mayombe?

There are many various rituals in Palo Mayombe. Most of the time, they’re related to dealing with spirits and other spiritual powers. Also these prayers and rituals with spirits are really serious and an important aspect of Palo Mayombe. The prayers and rituals of Palo Mayombe are complex. When dealing with spirits, they will never let you handle situations you cannot handle. Although, you should always be ready to prove your allegiance when you go further into Palo Mayombe. The more time you spend on learning these these rituals in Palo Mayombe, the more you will be capable to initiate with next initiations in Palo Mayombe.

Are these Palo Mayombe spells always successful?

The success of the spells you use always depend on the experience you have gained through learning one on one. If the palero is more experienced and has studied the different rituals deeply in Palo Mayombe, there is a higher possibility for spells to be 100% successful. These spells should not be taken lightly nor ignored. The magic of Palo Mayombe is always powerful. Palero should maintain a clear mind in these situations and they should not rush anything. In situations such as you’re still a beginner and just had initiated into Palo Mayombe, you need to keep in mind that miracles do not occur overnight. The more and more you put yourself in a position to learn Palo Mayombe, you will even amaze yourself to see the results and how they work accordingly.

What is ceremony of cleansing in Palo Mayombe?

Cleansing ceremony in Palo Mayombe is basically associated with removing witchcraft or strong sorcery. This is usually conducted by a Palero. The magic of Palo Mayombe is very strong. When cleansing an individual, Palero priest will be working with dark spirits and he will have a bug energy within him to save the individual. Always an experienced Palero priest will be able to determine the spiritual illness and will be able to perform a quick remedy for it.

Are there other rituals in Palo Mayombe?

There are so much more rituals in religion of Palo Mayombe. Most of them require higher experienced Paleros to perform. Palo Mayombe is oftenly used for healing purposes too. Getting initiated into Palo Mayombe is not always easy. It takes courage, loyalty and this is a serious ritual that you should not taken slightly. It’s known as ‘Rayamiento’ which gives you the meaning of ‘scratching’. This is a secret and sacred process where it is strictly prohibited to discuss with non Palo Mayombe religious individuals. Most basically, Palo Mayombe is a beautiful religion which gains you a lot of honor and safety from spiritual hazards through loyalty and sacrificed work through the learning process of the religion.