Voodoo religious beliefs

Many people perceptions of voodoo are based only on what they read in books or magazines and what they see in movies. Like Palo Mayombe, there are a lot of misconceptions about voodoo Religion. Many people wrongly relate the voodoo religious beliefs with secretive, mysterious, evil and satanic practises. Many people associate it with folklores. Voodoo and Palo Mayombe are rich cultural and ancestral worship great for healing and praying. Voodoo religion is an exotic religion that incorporates traditional music and dance to its rituals and spiritual possession. Bondye is the divine creator for the voodooist. Orishas and Loa are responsible for directing the affairs of human and connection to the supernatural.

Voodoo practises and doll

One of the symbols often associated with voodoo religious symbol is the voodoo doll. A voodoo doll is necessarily not used by all voodooist. Some voodooists use dolls to represent one of the spirits, Lwa. Other used it as a representation of a person. The item of that person is often attached to the voodoo doll. The voodooist often invites the spirit of Lwa for possession of their bodies during the ritual. The spirit then interacts with the people through the body of the voodooists. They also maintain a connection with their ancestors and dead loves by keeping images on the altar. They believe they keep them protected and guide them through life situations. Houngan and mambo are the ordained priest and priestess respectively.

New Orleans and Louisiana Voodoo

Louisiana Voodoo is one of the different versions of voodoo practices. Its root like other versions is from the mainly the Fon people, west African’s Dahomey and Other tribes from the region like Mandinga, Wolof, ewe, Hausa Yoruba, Bambara, Fulbe, Ado and other groups from West Africa region. It was brought French Louisiana by people from West African. It is also known as New Orleans Voodoo. It is now more of an Afro- -American religion with the majority of the practitioners based in the united state of Louisiana. The development of Louisiana voodoo is contributed by different tribes to West Africa origin. The practice was unified and made attractive to the locals by Marie Laveau. Marie was the daughter of a farmer and a Creole woman.

Magical experience of Palo Mayombe

Many African religions can be life-changing when they are done right and with the right guidance. Palo Mayombe offers a great magic experience to another that is ready to be devoted. Using Palo Mayombe to achieve a great impact in your life requires understanding the ways of the spirits. The individual must be ready to uphold the ethic codes of the religions and take it as a way of life. The benefits of being a practitioner of Palo Mayombe is life-changing. It can be started by undergoing body scratching, which is known as Rayamiento in Congo local language. This qualify you to be a Palero. You will need to belong to a house and be under the tutelage of a godfather, known as Nkisi. The next ambition for a new Palero is to become a Tata (for a man) and Yaya (for a woman). I will advise anyone reading to consult a Tata. Hopefully, be approved by the spirits and experience a refreshingly fulfilling life with Palo Mayombe.