Voodoo, a mix of cultures

Voodo is the result, once again, of cultures from Africa, when the slave trade from Africa to Latin America occurred.A mix between tennis player and animist, which has its origin in the Gulf of Guinea.Voodoo extends to the United States and Haiti, among other Caribbean islands.The main belief of Voodoo is that there is something supernatural, like a parallel world that has the power of us that we cannot access, and to be able to communicate it is necessary to Ioas, who play the role of intermediary between this world and the supernatural world , let’s say they are like the saints of Santeria, and they have to be praised. However, not everyone has contact with the gods, the priests are in charge of communicating with them and passing on the message.

Voodoo in Mexico: Voodoo is a religion that is characterized by having many symbols; In Mexico, specifically in Mexico City, there is a county where these symbols reside.These express a moral dictionary, representing arbitration and social organization. But, it can be said that Mexico hides this religion, it may not seem ethically correct, just remember, in general, the religion that abounds in Latin America is Catholic so it is normal for it to suppress other entities. So, they do their best to make this religion known, for example, people like Emmanuel Délicieux, try after the earthquake that occurred in Mexico City, publicize this religion by preaching that the earthquake is a way that the universe is talking to us. It also opens the doors to anyone who is interested.

Voodoo in Haití: To talk about the voodoo religion in Haiti, you have to go back in 1791, where the Bois Caiman ceremony took place, in the Haitian Revolution, this ceremony was where the reception of the black pig took place, and served as a meeting to clarify the problems .As this religion has gone around the world, since in places like Africa and France they practice it, Haiti, however, is where it predominates and since 2013 it is one of the official religions. Black magic abounds taking care of health and spirit, because this religion was born from suffering, is a fruit of French colorism and slavery.And although Catholicism still prevails, many Catholic practitioners also invoke the voodoo aspects.

Voodoo in Louisiana: Also known as Voodoo New Orleans, it also has the same origins and similarities between the Voodoo of Mexico and Haiti.The voodoo was in the year 1731, and all groups contributed to its evolution, involving its magic with herbs and dolls, but at one time the police banned the sale of slaves under 14 years.This is how slaves united to achieve the influence of religion and enjoy its benefits.They began making and using charms to protect others was a key aspect for voodoo in Louisiana.