Things not to do when joining the Palo Mayombe

Initiation into the Palo Mayombe will see you receive some couple of instructions on what to do. However, that is not the only part. Initiations do not only rely on the things that you do, but also on the things you must be careful not to do at that period and even beyond.

Taking careful note of these things is the only way to fully reinforce your membership and participation in the Palo Mayombe religion.

What you must know

The Palo Mayombe religion is without doubt one of the most powerful religions on earth. And it is not just know for its power. It is known for its sacredness as well. It is therefore necessary that in joining, you work to preserve its sacredness and take careful note of the things you should and shouldn’t do and adhere to them. The sacredness of the Palo Mayombe must be preserved.

Things not to do when joining

Here are a few things not to do when starting out with the Palo Mayombe:

  1. Do not invoke confusion: Don’t! Please, do not call on other spirits that do not belong to you. Don’t work with other people’s spirits. This will most certainly lead to confusion and problems for all the parties involved.

The fact is, trying to draw energy that does not belong to you can cause gigantic loads of catastrophe. The spirit world is a very territorial place. It is mixed with all sorts of things. The good (Bueno Ndoki) and the bad (Ndoki Malo). You must therefore know that you must be careful what you invoke.

  • Do not offend your ancestors: Doing things that offend your ancestors might not only destroy your initiation. It might ruin you as well. You must be wary of those things. Especially things that might offend your closely related ancestors. These may include:
  • Your Grandfather
  • Your Grandmother
  • Your immediate relatives
  • Your immediate family

Think about the consequences of your actions before you take steps to do them.

  • Do not proceed with anything without guidance: The guardian your God Parents offer is one of the most important things in the world. You can’t do it on your home without faulting. You must therefore keep them close and learn the secrets of the Palo religion from them.

By keeping close, a great light will from their path shine in your steps and the Palo meaning will come to your understanding.

Knowledge of these basic things not to do might seem like the most trivial of things but it actually in truth goes a long way in determining how far you go in the Palo Mayombe and how long it might take to get there.

You must therefore thrive to do things in the right ways and complete your initiations into the world of light and truth for this is the only perfect way to gain the best access to the happenings of the spirit world.