The unknown stories about the Palo Mayombe religion

What about it?

The Palo Mayombe religion is one of the oldest religions in the world. It can also be known as las reglas de Congo. In this religion, they believe in protection from spirits and supernatural powers. The Palo religion originated at the time of slave era in Cuba. Its roots are engraved deeply in the Congo Basin of central Africa during the period slaves were brought to Cuba where the religion evolved. The word Palo is a Spanish word which means stick and this can be related to a Cuban religion that makes use of sticks to prepare their altars. The Palo religion consists of denominations (branches) known as Mayombe, Monte and Briyumba. They make use of priests and priests. The male priests are called tata while the female priests are called Yayas or Nganguleros. Their members or initiates are called Ngueyos or Pino nuevo. The Palo Mayombe is sometimes compared to the Santeria. They have a main distinction whereby the Santeria originates from the Yoruba people in Nigeria and the Palo Mayombe comes from Congo. Overall, the Palo Mayombe is more powerful and effective than the Santeria.

Interesting right? Well, there’s more.

The Palo Mayombe believe in the veneration of spirits and natural or earthly power. Spirits play a very important role in the Palo religion and they have several spirits they use in manifestation and all kinds of actions.

The Spirits of The Palo Mayombe

  • Zarabanda: this sprit is the divine messenger of the underworld. Through this sprit, mankind can make direct communication to the spirit world. The caldron contains necessary elements for the spirit of Zarabanda to manifest on earth. Zarabanda is the force behind innovation, ambition and technology. It is the god of iron, wars and road; the evil destroyer. It protects its children when they cry for help. This spirit accepts plantain, rum, cigars and the colors green, black and coral.
  • El Christo Negro: this is the lord and king of the underworld. All other spirits bow to it. He is seen as the crucified black Christ. His symbols are the black rooster and crows.
  • El Christo rey: he is referred to as the lord of this world. He has direct contact between man and your higher self. He is involved in spells of divine justice, harvest, fertility and healing power. He is mostly called to reverse witchcraft and for spiritual alignment. El Christo grants you great healing powers, telepathy and the power to work with white light spirits.

The Rituals and Spells in The Traditions Of The Palo Mayombe

The Palo Mayombe are one for spells and rituals. It’s a whole process and part of their traditions. It is through these spells and rituals that they’re able to communicate with the spirits and call upon divine protection from them. The prayers of the Palo Mayombe are very simple yet so complex. The rituals with spirits are very important to them. The more time you spend with the spirits, the more benefits you receive. In their rituals, they dance and play music via wooden instruments and drums. They make use of different divination process but the most common method used are coconut shells.

The Initiations Process of The Palo Mayombe

You want to be a part of this religion? Here’s how!

If you’re interested in the Palo Mayombe, you can learn about it and get initiated through a rite of passage. The initiation ceremony is called Rayamiento. It loosely translates to “being scratched”.  This initiation is secretly done because the authorities prohibit the religion. The prohibition is as a result of a misunderstanding by the westerners and people who have no knowledge about the Palo Mayombe. Yet, the Palo Mayombe still receives tons of new converts. These converts are expected to take oaths and seal pacts of loyalty to the Munanso Congo (head of the denomination).  Palo Mayombe priests have reported cases of individuals coming to them for blessings before an interview and end up getting that position and also other forms of problems they might have.