The unending traditions of the Palo Mayombe religion

The Palo Mayombe which is also known as las Regla de Congo is one of the earliest forms of black magic religions that has been practiced over the years. It has been in existence for over two hundred years and it’s still counting. It originated during the slave era in Cuba and it can also be traced to the Bakongo. The Palo Mayombe is said to be one of the most powerful and the most effective form of black magic ever to be practiced in the world. It surpasses all others. The Palo Mayombe has a sting belief in spirits and also the use of natural materials to call upon these spirits.  They have different types of traditions that has stuck and also developed into something bigger.

The traditions of the Palo Mayombe:

  1. The Palo Mayombe priests are called Paleros. To become a Palero you have to go through an initiation process and once you have been ordained, there are certain rules to follow. As a Palero, for one year you will not have to look into mirror, will take all meals over floor and mustn’t stay out after dark. Also he is not permitted to make contact with non intimidated which means there can be no handshakes.
  2. An ordained Palero is the only one permitted or capable of channeling or summoning a spirit of the dead.
  3. Dancing and singing is very much fundamental to the Palo Mayombe religion. Their music is made from different wooden percussion instruments and also drums.
  4. They undergo an initiation process which is known as Rayamiento which means “being scratched”. It is a process whereby special marks are made on your skin to identify you as a Palo Mayombe loyalist. To prove this loyalty, you have to swear an oath which depicts your confidence and courage to take up services in the religion. After initiation as a member, you can decide to go through initiation to become a Palero.
  5. The most common form of divination in the Palo Mayombe religion is the Nganga. This is their altar which is usually prepared for the Nkisi. On this altar, the Mpungu who it is made for is called upon to come and perform its duty.
  6. The Palo Mayombe religion is never discussed with non-initiated. It’s is usually kept secret and sacred to avoid false information being spread around.

The traditions and beliefs of the Palo Mayombe is very sacred and they are kept very dearly. These traditions have been for a long time and it’s very difficult to put it out of existence. It is a very powerful religion with strong beliefs. Those who are member of the Palo Mayombe religion take it very seriously and they tend to adhere to all the rules and guidelines of the religion strictly. The Palo Mayombe is more powerful than the voodoo and also the Santería which is a part of the Yoruba religion that is practiced in Nigeria.