The spirits, rituals and initiation of the Palo Mayombe

The Palo Mayombe have a strong believe in spirits and the use of supernatural or earthly powers. These spirits perform different functions. Some of the spirits are listed below

•          The Zarabanda: this is the most common spirit of the Palo Mayombe. It is the messenger of the underworld. Mankind is able to communicate with the spirit world through the Zarabanda. It is behind the innovation, technology and ambitions of this world. The cauldron contains all elements needed for the Zarabanda to manifest. It is the god of iron, roads and war. The Zarabanda protects its believers no matter what. He is often called the keeper of knives. He uses his knife to separate the useful from the negative. Its offerings should take to the railroad tracks.

•          Los Espiritus Intranquilos: this can be translated to the seven tranquil spirits. They are mostly used in lots of rituals and spells in Mexico and central America witchcraft. This spirit is often called upon as a single entity to force a lover who has left to return. This spirit consists of all earth-bound souls that wander the world without rest and peace.

•          Santissima Muerte: this is the goddess of the cemetery and death. Her powers can be taken as far back to the pre-Aztec era. She is the leader of the spiritual force used by Mexican spiritualists and witches for different kinds of magical works. The Santissima muerte is involved with healing, protection and safe delivery to the afterlife by her believers.

•          La Santissima Piedra Iman: he is a very powerful spirit in the Palo Mayombe religion. This spirit is used to attract money and wealth. It is mostly used by many Latin business men to gain more wealth and prosperity.

The rituals and spells of the Palo Mayombe are very simple but complex for those who have no knowledge about it. The rituals are a very important aspect of the Palo Mayombe. They make use of coconut shells, sticks and other earthly materials related to what the ritual is about. The spells of the Palo Mayombe is successful depending on the experience of the Paleros involved. The Paleros should have a clear and open mind and not rush things. They also partake in what is called a cleansing ritual which removes witchcraft.

To get initiated into the religion of the Palo Mayombe you have to have courage, confidence and honor. Their initiation practices are kept very secret. The process is called the Rayamiento which means “being scratched”. Here, special marks are made on the skin while they take an oath. A self-initiation is also very possible. You would need certain ingredients to perform this self-initiation; we would tell you where to collect or buy these ingredients. How do you know if it would work? A ritual guide would be given to you to summon your ancestors to guide you through the process.

The Palo Mayombe religion is a religion of good growth and protection.