The Religion, Palo Mayombe and its gods

Palo Mayombe is known as a henotheistic religion; focusing on the worship of one Higher god but also acknowledging the existence and power of other gods; thereby the worship of many deities or gods. Nzambi is the high god of creation, highly reverenced above other deities. Among these deities, there are higher beings known as Lucero, Zarabanda, Mal Kengue, Madre Agua.

Other deities are:

Ngurufinda: This goddess rules over trees, herbs, plants and everything green that grows from the ground. Herbalists or healers who use green plants would need to consult this deity to gain access to their powers or their efforts would be futile.

Brazo Fuerte: This vicious and very powerful god represents the forces of the earth; that is Volcanic eruption. It is said the molten magma that proceeds during eruptions is caused by the breath of this deity. He is said to have a short temper and to move very briskly. He is associated with automobile accidents and fevers.

Kadiempembe: This god is often to as the Devil in the Congo belief system. He is both dreaded and respected. Anyone who works with him has to be extra careful. He is regarded as a deity with great power and just a part of the Paleros consult with him. The myth was he was the Highest god being worshiped previously before Nzambi; hence the name Nzambi Bilongo. 

Palo Fuerte: This god is intensely involved in protection and justice for homes. He is seen as a great hunter and can be said to be the force among the deities as he ensures justice is carried out and fair judgment prevails.

Tata Fumbi: This god is said to be in charge of all diseases; being able to cause or heal any disease. This god is also in charge of the disabled and elderly; the less privileged.

Mama Chola: She is known as the goddess of Love; ruling over the rivers. She is known for her beauty and agility and is also a strong warrior. She loves sensuality and all things radiant.

Centella Ndoki: This goddess is in charge of trade happening in the market place. She is the goddess of the Wind and the Storm and rules over the Cemetary. She is referred to as the Angel of Death and is seen as the most powerful female deity.

Siete Rayos: This god is in charge of the elements of thunder and lightning. He is also associated with male sexual prowess and justice. He is said to deliver judgment and justice on those who try to disrupt or avoid punishment.

These other gods are also respected and paid homage to different requests and on different occasions. They have ngangas dedicated to them. Some members of the Paleros also dedicate themselves to these Palo Mayombe gods and become devotees; fully dedicated and consecrated to their worship. These deities, in turn, offer them protection, direction and other forms of blessings. It would be unwise for any Palero to go against these gods as they can also serve disciplinary measures to defaulting Paleros.