The Power in Palo Mayombe

It is intriguing and secretive. It can be draining, especially for the newly initiated. But it is potent, powerful, and magical. Palo Mayombe is a belief and practice that is rooted in the betterment and protection of the people. For the Pro Palo Mayombe, the dead are not dead and to be forgotten. Their physical bodies may have gone, but their spirits are still to be connected with. This connection gives homes to the spirit of the dead and the ancestors. The Paleros know the iron or clay pot that connects humans with the spirits as Nganga.

 Once the Palo Mayombe spirits are invited, recognized, paid homage to, and given a home in a natural element, they become your protector. Palo Mayombe spirits protect you both from the spiritual and the physical. They keep you safe from all kinds of weapons, such as guns, machetes, knives, broken bottles, etc.

 What goes into Palo Mayombe Nganga and makes it so Powerful

Nganga is like the altar that the Christians go to pray to their God. But Nganga is much more potent and powerful for getting a request or prayer answered. Several things go into the Nganga. Inside an Nganga are the bones, the earthly elements, and some other items not permitted for sharing with the uninitiated.  

Nganga is a ‘tool’ that can be dark, abused, and harm others if it gets to the hand the wrong people. One of the reasons the whole and practice of Palo Mayombe is rarely shared with the outsiders and the newly initiated. Nganga’s power needs to be cherished and protected by the Palero. It is like a fierce trained dog that offers you protection but cannot be let loose on the innocent for whatever reason.

The spirit housed in an Nganga has been given a ‘life’ that let it feels, communicates, and acts based on the request and the recommendation of a trained Palero Priest. It is capable of strong emotions such as love and extreme hatred concerning the welfare and protection of the Palero it is watching over. 

Palo Mayombe Ritual Drawing

Firma is the graphical representation of the Palo Mayombe ritual. The drawing figuratively represents all the physical and spiritual elements involved in the Palo Mayombe rituals. The Color of the drawing determines for what purpose it is. White chalk is widely used for helpful spells, while Firma drawn with charcoal is considered destructive. A spiritual entity is invoked in preparation for a Palo Mayombe ritual through the Firma. Each spirit has its sign representation. A Palo Mayombe spell involving love will have the sign representing mpungu Mama Chola.

How to go through Palo Mayombe Initiation

Palero Priest can consult for you. You can also get the power to protect and better your life and those of your loved ones. But becoming a Palero is not for everyone. The spiritual world determines whether you can handle power and responsibility at that particular time. Or it may be the practice of Palo Mayombe does not align with your destiny.

You get approved for Palo Mayombe initiation through the consultation of a Palero Priest with the spiritual world. You will be marked, or body scratched to invoke the spirit of the dead. Different spirits are also summoned through the spiritual cauldrons on your behalf during the Palo Mayombe initiation. One of such spirit is Zibranda. The spirit gives you communication access to the spiritual world.