The Potent Symbols Used In the Religion, Palo Mayombe

Palo Mayombe as a religion has its belief system revolving around spirits of dead ancestors and gods. They usually do so using humans who act as mediums, their ngangas made with natural objects and they also use symbols and objects such as candles.

What are these symbols?

These symbols in the form of sacred writings form a major part of their worship activities and rituals. They are like the embodiment of the mystery of Palo Mayombe knowledge and practices. They are drawn as complex shapes, angles, and diameters speaking to those who can understand them. They are usually drawn with white chalk.


These symbols are often drawn at the start of most ritual practices as a sign of their connection with the elements and forces of nature. It is written or drawn on the part of the floor the ritual would occur. These symbols represent the spiritual identity of a Palo Mayombe community’s head responsible for leading and carrying out ritualistic activities and they are usually kept very secretive from others who do not practice the Palo Mayombe religion.

Other symbolic objects being used:

These objects are seen as sacred and all represent the forces and elements of nature. They include sticks, water, earth, animal remains. There is also the use of mirrors, seas shells, calabashes, beads, cowries, dolls, trinkets, and candles.

There are spiritual implications of the color of candles used

They include:

White Candles: This is used by Paleros for connecting and relating with departed souls. For attracting peace.

Red Candles: This color symbolizes life, blood, and strength. This is used by Paleros for victory over one’s enemies.

Purple Candles: This represents power and to bring breakthrough in very tight and complex situations.

Blue Candles: This is used by Paleros to attract prosperity and fidelity in a home. It also attracts peace and wealth.

Green Candles: This candle is used to promote health, wealth, multiplication, fruitfulness, employment and to bring stability in every situation that requires it.

Yellow Candles: This is used by Paleros to bring healing and to ward away destruction. It is also used to attract healing and boost great sleep and dreams that come to pass.

Pink Candles: These candles are used to achieve success, blessings love and affection. It also represents the self-sacrificing nature and acts of kindness.

Orange Candles: These colors represent vitality, agility, exuberance. They are very attractive and are used by Paleros to draw success and good friendship.

Brown Candles: These candles are used to draw success, prosperity, fruitfulness, increase, wealth especially in times of financial instability.

Grey Candles: These candles enhance and improve on psychic capacity. It is also used by Paleros to drive away evil vibrations and forces in a home or location.

Other Candles being used in the Palo Mayombe religion include Male and Female Image Candles, Skull Candles, Crucifix Candles, Guardian Angel Candles used for protection and candles dedicated to some saints such as Saint Michael Candles, Saint Jude Candles, Saint Barbara Candles, Saint Clara Candles, Saint Martha Candles, Saint Anthony Candles, Just Judge Candles Candles, San Expedito Candles, Baron Del Cementerio Candles, San Alejo Candles, San Exepdito Candles.