The Palo Mayombe, the ever powerful force of black magic

The Palo religion sometimes called the las reglas de Congo originated and emerged from Cuba among African slaves brought from the basin Congo. The Palo religion has different denominations known as Mayombe, Monte and Briyumba.  The word Palo is a Spanish word which means stick and its referenced to the religion because of the wooden sticks they use to prepare the altar. The altars are called Nganga, la Cadero, Nkisi or Prenda. In the Palo religion, they make use of priests and they are called Paleros. The male priest are called tata while the female priests are called Yayas. The initiates of the Palo religion are called Ngueyos or Pino nuevo.

What are the beliefs and traditions of the Palo Mayombe?

The Palo Mayombe have to major beliefs and they are the

  • Veneration of spirits
  • Natural/earthly power

The Palo Mayombe is known to be the most powerful and effective form of black magic in the world.  The practitioners believe that natural objects, especially sticks have the powers of the spirits. The spirits in the Palo Mayombe religion, their spirits are called Mpungu in the singular form and kimpungulu in the plural form and they inhibit objects called Nkisi. The spirits are known for their names and the deed they do. 

  • Zarabanda: this is the divine messenger of the underworld. Man is able to communicate directly to the spirit world through the Zarabanda. He is the driving force behind innovation, technology and ambition.  Zarabanda is the king of wars, iron and roads. The Zarabanda spirit is known as the keeper of knives; he uses his knife to separate the useful from the useless. His offering should be taken to the railroad tracks.
  • El Christo Negro: he is the lord and king of the underworld. All other spirits must bow down to him. He is symbolized as the black rooster as well as crow.
  • Sam Simon: this spirit is a very powerful spiritual force in the world of the Palo Mayombe. He is the keeper of law and justice. When you get initiated into the mysteries of the San Simon, you get the power of knowledge and secret of divine justice. Believers believe that prayers of revenge and success are answered by San Simon.

These spirits are considered extremely powerful but not as powerful as the God creator the Zambi or Nzambi. In the Palo Mayombe, they perform rituals and cast spells. It’s a part of their tradition. Through these rituals, they are able to communicate with the spirits and ask for protection and other aspects they need help in. during their ritual, they play music and dance. They make use of music tones such as Cata, Guagua and the conga or ngoma, and wooden instrument and drums. The common divination method the make use of are coconut shells.

How do you get initiated into the Palo Mayombe?

To get initiated, you have to undergo a rite of passage. You can also be self-initiated.

Will the spirits accept your initiation? Yes, your initiation will be accepted. People who wanted to imitate themselves without priest have searched for the ingredient and have done it but time has passed now and people are collecting ridiculous amount of money for it. Fortunately, were going to tell you everything you need to know without spending ridiculous amounts of money.

What requirements do you need? We will give you the ingredients you would need to collect or buy then give you instructions on how to go about it.

How do you know its working?  We’ve all been in this same spot as you; having doubts that it wont work, but it will because we will give you a ritual that would let you communicate with your ancestors and they will guide you on what to do.