The Palo Mayombe gods

The Palo Mayombe gods are referred to as Nkisi. Each Nkisi resides or has a natural element in which it posses great power. In the real sense of the word, Nkisi are not gods but deities. They are similar to Orisha in Santeria or Yoruba religion. 

Nzambi is the supreme Palo Mayombe god and the creator of heaven and earth. He gave the Nkisi the authority to rule over various aspects of nature and life. Nkisi are housed in sacred pots known as ngangas or prendas. Their power can be invoked from Nganga by the Paleros, similar to invoking the spirit of the dead with Fumbi.

Here is the list of few of the powerful Palo Mayombe gods and the aspects of life nature and life where their power resides…

  • Zarabanda or Sarabanda: He is a fiery and warlike god. Zarabanda is a god of iron and everything related to iron. He is the one to seek when going to war (guns are made of irons) and causes accidents.
  • Mama Chola: She is considered to exceedingly beautiful. She rules over wealth, love and erotic. She is the goddess of the river.
  • Lucero: He is the god of magic, crossroads and a divine messenger.
  • Siete Rayos: This is the Palo Moyambe god to seek his face when you want vengeance. He is a just god and rule by fire, lightning and thunder. 
  • Centalla Ndoki: She is immune to black Magick. She controls the winds and also a gatekeeper of the cementery.

Palo Mayombe Symbols

In Palo Mayombe Symbols are representations of our request and what we want the spirits to do for us. It is a communication of our reality and expectation to the spirits. It often takes a lot of practice, efforts, planning and touches of inspiration to come up with Palo Mayombe symbols that can invoke the spirit. When the right Palo Mayombe spells are performed on these symbols, we are almost certainly invoking the spirit and get a favorable outcome to our requests.

Palo Mayombe Spell

Palo Mayombe spells are known as patimpemba. They are a form of incantation; they are done in spirit and with spirit. Palo Mayombe Spells are the powerful roadmap for the spirit. We are simply telling them what we want to get done and how we want it done. Palo Mayombe Spells are often done with herbs, animation bones or powder and the timing has to be perfect. Palo Mayombe Symbols have to be drawn and use correctly, the natural elements, timing and other factors like singing mambo and drinking rum have to be in sync. Once these are correct, the invoked spirit will surely manifest and the desired result is inevitable.

Zarabanda Palo

This is one spirit many Paleros love to invoke. Zarabanda Palo is the human pathway to the spirit world, he is our divine emissary. Zarabanda Palo also controls many aspects of our modern lives. He is in charge of ambition, inspiration, innovation and technology. He is a benevolent god but also fierce when it comes to protecting his own. He is the god of iron, he controls any objects made from iron and related material.