The Palo Mayombe and voodoo gods

The Palo Mayombe and the voodoo have a lot of similarities. The Palo Mayombe is a Spanish religion that is majorly practiced by Latin and Caribbean business men. It came about during the slave era in Cuba and from there evolved into what it is right now. On the other hand, the voodoo is a form of black magic practiced majorly in Haiti. It is also practiced in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the united states.  They have a strong believe that we have two kinds of worlds; the visible and the invisible world. The Palo Mayombe also strongly believe in the veneration of spirits and the use of supernatural and earthly powers. These two black magic religions have various gods they pray to or worship in their name. they are listed below.

The gods of the Palo Mayombe

The gods of the Palo Mayombe are known as the Nkisi. They are:

  • Lucero: he is the messenger of the gods. He is in charge of the crossroads as well as any forms of communication. Before a Paleros can summon any other god, this god must first be appeased.
  • Zarabanda: he is the god of iron and war. When the Zarabanda is angered, it is said he can cause any form of accidents or misfortunes. The Zarabanda doesn’t like it when women who are on their monthly period come near his altar.
  • Siete Rayos: this is the god of lightning, fire and thunder. He is also called upon in terms of sexual passion and the personification of the male energy.
  • Tata Fumbi: this is the god of diseases and also a support to the homeless, beggars, crippled and sick people. He brings wealth to those that he is well pleased with.
  • Madre Agua: she is the goddess of the sea and that of motherhood. She is very gentle and loving and is the support of children and their mothers.

The gods of voodoo

The gods of the voodoo are called loa. They are:

  • Legba: this is the most important loa in voodoo. He is summoned first so he can come open the gates of the spirit. Every other loa can’t show itself without the permission of the Legba. He is said to be the holder of the key to the spiritual world.
  • Kalfu: this loa is the opposite of legba. He controls the crossroads. This loa takes control of the evil forces in the spirit world. He gives permission to the crossing of misfortune, destruction, injustice and bad luck.
  • Ghede: this loa controls the crossroad from life to death. He is also the loa of of sexuality. He is known to perform lude dances and is enamored by women.
  • Azacca/Zaka: the Zaka is the loa of agriculture and he can also be k known as the brother of Ghede. He controls the field.
  • Dumballa: he is often called the serpent and he is the most popular among all other loa. He is the one who brings rain.