The Palo Mayombe and its dark mysteries

In the world we live in today, various black magic practices have evolved and have proven to be effective in our world today. Among these black magic practices are the Palo Mayombe religion, the Santeria, voodoo, voodoun and many other practices. With the practices mentioned, Palo Mayombe has emerged to be the most powerful and the most effective form of black magic among them. The Palo Mayombe is dated way back to the 1500s during the slave era in Cuba. It originally started in the Congo basin in central Africa and it evolved in Cuba after the slaves were moved.

The Palo Mayombe is often compared to other forms of black magic especially the Santeria and the voodoo. The Santeria is another form of black magic that is practiced by the Yoruba people of Nigeria. It’s sometimes called the twin of the Palo Mayombe. The voodoo is a powerful black magic practiced majorly in Haiti. It is also practiced in other parts of the world such as New Orleans.  The Palo which means “stick” in Spanish because in the religion, they make use of sticks to prepare their altars which is known as Nganga or la Cadero. They believe the sticks and other earthly materials being used are vested with the powers of the spirits. They believe strongly in spirits and the use of natural powers. In the Palo Mayombe they also believe that some of these spirits live inside us.

In the Palo religion, they have different kinds of spirits such as the Zarabanda, different kinds of spells and different kinds of curses. Some of the Palo Mayombe curses can be done in the form of the use of a puppet and a coffin that should be dropped on either a crossroad or a cemetery. There is also a Palo Mayombe curse removal which is done with lemon and legba. The results of this curse removal lift a burden from you therefore letting the burden fade away.

To become a member of the Palo Mayombe, you must undergo an initiation process which can be done by yourself or by a Paleros (priest of the Palo Mayombe). The initiation process is called Rayamiento which means “being scratched”. During the ceremony, special marks would be carved on your skin.  To undergo this initiation, you have to swear an oath which shows your courage, confidence and loyalty to the Palo Mayombe religion. The initiation is usually done during the full moon. If there is no full moon it can’t take place. During the initiation, different spirits are called upon depending on the type of initiation process. You can be initiated to be a new member or initiated to become a priest of the Palo Mayombe.

They also partake in different kinds of rituals which involves music and dancing. The music is produced by wooden percussion instruments and drums. They make use of coconut shells, hoes and plows as part of their rituals. The Palo is known for protection.