The origins and histories of the Palo Mayombe religion

Various religions have developed over the years and they range from Christianity to different traditional religions.  There are different ways and methods people use to worship their creators. The Christian way, the Islam way and the traditional way. The traditional way is what we’re going to be talking about and we’re going all the way to Cuba which holds the palo mayombe religion. The palo mayombe came about during the slave trade era of the 1500s in Cuba. It can still be traced to the Congo basin in the regions of central Africa.

The Palo mayombe is also called the las Reglas de Congo. They have a special believe in the veneration of spirits and the use of earthy materials which they believe to be infused with the spirits of the deceased. They also believe that the deceased live among us and inside of us.  The make use of divination process known as the Nganga which means altar. The Nganga is usually linked to a deceased or an African spirit. These spirits are the ones that define the kind of spells to be used. For example, if an Nganga is linked to the kobayende spirit, a spell of healing would be conducted, if it is linked to the Chola Wengue, a spell concerning riches and wealth would be done. The Palero which is the priest has the control of the Nganga and can make use of more than one Nganga. He is the only one that has the power to channel it summon a spirit of the dead.

The Palo Mayombe is often compared to the likes of the Santería and the voodoo.  These other two religions are from the Palo Mayombe and from the remaining parts of a Yoruba religion that is practiced in Nigeria. Unlike the Santería, the Palo Mayombe doesn’t pay much attention to the use of colors in their rituals or worships. The Palo Mayombe is more powerful and more effective than that of the other two black magic religions. The palo mayombe makes use of dancing and singing in their rituals. The music sounds are mainly made by wooden instruments and also drums which is sometimes called the drums of affliction.

To get initiated into the palo mayombe, you have to meet a Palero. This is sometimes difficult because it’s hard to find out those who are members of the palo religion not to talk of a priest of the palo mayombe. The initiation is among the first steps you take when wanting to be a member of the Palo Mayombe. This initiation involves the dead and the use of different crafts associated with the dead. The Zarabanda spirit is the spirit that is usually summoned during an initiation, it is the spirit that gives direct communication between this world and the spirit world. Before undergoing an initiation, the Paleros consults the ancestral spirits to know if you can be a member of the palo mayombe or not.