The mysterious religion of the Palo Mayombe

Palo Mayombe is a very fascinating religion. It should not be taken lightly when heard about or written about. The techniques and spells of the Palo Mayombe are based on the teaching of the Montenegro family of brazil who have practiced it for over 200 years. The Palo religion is said to be the most feared and powerful form of black magic. It is more powerful than the voodoo or voodoun. In recent years, the Palo Mayombe has been kept a secret. The whereabouts of its place of worship are unknown, the number of members involved are not recorded. Their Palo religion is kept secret because of the authorities who tend to arrest and capture them and this is due to ignorance of people who tend to spread negative comments about the Palo Mayombe all over the place.

The Palo Mayombe just like the voodoo and the Santeria strongly believe in the veneration of spirits and the use of supernatural powers or earthly powers. The Palo Mayombe is quite different from the voodoo or the Santeria. The Santeria is practiced by the Yoruba who are based in the country Nigeria while the voodoo is practiced majorly in Haiti and other places in the world such as New Orleans. The Palo Mayombe doesn’t include clothes, color and dancing styles linked to deities which is very common in the Santeria. The Congolese religion’s history cannot be traced to central Africa which makes it above voodoo and the Santeria. The Palo Mayombe is more powerful and effective than the Santeria and voodoo.

Their spirits are believed to live within us and can be summoned for protection. The sprits are extremely powerful and can be used for good. They hold different positions and are only called upon when their specified work is needed. The Zarabanda (messenger of the underworld), San Simon (keeper of law and divine justice), Santissima Muerte (goddess of cemetery and death), El Christo negro (lord and king of the underworld) etc. these are examples of some of the Palo Mayombe spirits. These spirits are mostly summoned during rituals, spells and initiations. In their rituals there’s a lot of singing, dancing and music. The priests of the Palo Mayombe are called Paleros. The male priests are called Tatas while the female priests are called Yayas. Their initiates are also called Ngueyos. The altar at which they worship is called Nganga.

Anyone interested in the Palo Mayombe can learn and be initiated into the religion through a rite of passage. This ceremony is called “the Rayamiento”. It means “being scratched”. This ceremony is done secretly so that fraudsters and people who would want to reproduce it and perform false ceremonies don’t get their hands on it.

The Palo Mayombe is most times mistaken for performing evil forms of the black magic. The Palo Mayombe does only good such as healing, good health, protection and other good deeds. The only time their powers are used for bad is when it is warranted or demanded for.