The Making Of a Palero – How to initiate it?

An initiated member of a Palo Mayombe’s house or religious family, that has learned the way of the spirit and the religion can proudly call himself or answer as a Palero. A Palero believes in the power of the spirits to influence human and physical affairs. He must also continually learn the most effective way to allies and invoke their powers through the efficacy of rituals. The Spirits, Nfumbi, does not discriminate. They are ready to reward, protect and elevate any dedicated a Palero, based on his way with the spirits and his sacrifices. A Palero feeds the spirit through the Cauldron, Nganga. He feeds the spirit through Nganga with elements from nature such as Palos (sticks), minerals, earth etc. Since a Palero has embodied, given the sprits shape and feed it. He has earned the power to interact with the spirit physically. The power is enormous in seeking protection, provision and guidance from the spirits.

Palo Mayombe Beliefs

No one can claim to be a Palero with revering the spirits. That is one of the two main foundations of Palo Mayombe. There will no Palo Mayombe belief without the veneration of the Spirits. The other foundation is the belief in the power of natural objects. The two parts of Palo Mayombe beliefs work together. It is believed that the spirits dwell in these natural and sacred objects. Each spirit is considered to be like the custodian of an aspect of life and is powerful in that aspect of life. It is fundamental for any Palero to offer prayers to the right spirit for it to be answered. The Spirits are very powerful but are under the eminence of the Supreme Being and the Creator, Nzambi.

Palo Mayombe Rituals

A ritual in Palo Mayombe is often accompanied by music, rhythms, drums and beat repercussions of metal. Rum is also shared in Palo Mayombe rituals to add spice and effect to the occasion. Divination is an important practice in Palo Mayombe, similar to Ifa consultation in Santeria. Divination is a sensitive part of the religion that offers immediate insight to any problem and quick a solution, and right answer to any query. It is done by an elder Palero. It is common for a Palero’s body to be taken over by the spirit during Palo Mayombe rituals, the spirit then speaks to the community through the mouth of this Palero.

Palo Mayombe Curses

The Popular tag of ‘evil’ attached to Palo Mayombe is a good example of people fearing what they understand. It is worth repeating that Palo Mayombe Curse and other practices are the most potent form of black magic in the world. Palo Mayombe curse is no eviler than any other practices but gives an instant result, sometimes within 24 hours. Palo Mayombe curses are tools that can be used either way by a Taita. The best use of Palo Mayombe Curses is always advised during initiation, which involves the reading code of ethics of the religion as well as the house you belong to.