The Initiations of The Palo Mayombe Religion

Have you heard about the Palo Mayombe and you’re wondering how you can get initiated?

Well, don’t just look around, read on! Don’t wait!

The Palo Mayombe which is also called Las Reglas De Congo. Is one of the many religions that have been condemned because of the ignorant minds of the people. It is compared to other forms of black magic such as the voodoo or the Santeria. The voodoo is a form of black magic that is majorly practiced by the Haitian people and other places such as New Orleans while the Santeria is another form of black magic practiced by the Yoruba in the country Nigeria and other countries.

Initiations in the Palo Mayombe religion are very complex yet so simple. They consist of guidelines and processes that only the bold and courageous can handle. The Palo Mayombe initiation ceremony is called the Rayamiento which means being scratched. It is a rite of passage that a worthy individual undergoes if he or she wants to be initiated. The ceremony takes place during the full moon. If there is no full moon it can’t hold. The individual’s skin is being scratched or carved on special marks. This takes only courage and confidence to do for you’re taking an oath to state your allegiance to the Palo Mayombe religion.

Initiation is where you start from. In the Palo Mayombe religion, the temple is created much like a model or concept of hierarchy, which is created after the tribal structure from the high priest, workers and the assistants who are called bokanfula down to the apprentice helpers called the Ngueyos. All the roles are very important in the build of the Munanso Congo and each member assist each other learn 1 on 1. As soon as the members are able to learn and memorize the details of the ceremonies, they are tested and they are given initiation into the next stage. During the initiations, there is the use of music and dancing. They make use of wooden percussion instruments and drums. The drums are sometimes called drums of affliction. It is said that once you become initiated, you not only become members of the Palo Mayombe that are living but members of the Palo Mayombe members who are no more. The initiation is done to aid the individual’s spiritual evolution. The Palo Mayombe believe that the oath they take during the initiation are not only to bond initiates but to also develop the spirituality of the individual and also develop a good relationship with the ancestors so they will always guide, protect and help them.

Discussions of the initiations are forbidden with non-initiates. The ceremonies are very sacred and secret. They should remain this way in order to bring catch fraudsters and charlatans who are copying them and performing fake ceremonies to unsuspecting seekers in the faith. when this happen, they are quickly detected by the legitimate members of the Palo Mayombe community.