The history of voodoo and it’s comparison to Palo Mayombe

Do you know what Voodoo is? Yes it is a form of black magic that was originated in West Indies country of Haiti. It was French colonial period when this magic was discovered. This magic came into existence in seventeen centuries. Voodoo is derived from the word “Vodú” which means spirit or gods. Vodú is from the Fon language of Dahomey. Haiti became left out which gave voodoo the floor to develop its own unique traditions, beliefs and also its own gods. The Slaves of Haiti were captured from different tribes and all these slaves had different religious and traditional beliefs and gods that they worship, different methods of dancing and singing. Once they got to Haiti, they all came together to form one religion based on their different beliefs and gods.

The voodoo religion is syncretized with Catholicism. During the slave era, the slave masters forbade the slaves from practicing their own religion. These slaves would practice their native religions in private or mask them under catholic terms and objects. Those that practice voodoo are called voodooists or spirit servants. They believe in the utmost existence of invisible spirits and also in the afterlife. They believe in a single god which is considered supreme and can be compared to the catholic God. This god is known as bondye (the good god). They believe that lesser beings exist and these beings are called loa or lwa. The bondye is a remote figure, therefore, making the loa or the lwa involved with the daily activities of the people. There is a strong relationship between the lwa and the people. The lwa can be divided into three. They are the Rada, Petro and Ghede. The lwa are always Invited to rituals so they can take over a believer and speak to them.

The voodoo is often compared to another form of black magic which is known as the Palo Mayombe. The Palo Mayombe also originated during the slave era in Cuba. They have a major belief in the generation of spirits and also the use of supernatural powers and earthly materials. Their spirits are called Mpungu and the usually prepare an altar specially for their spirits which is known as Nganga or Cadero. Their priests are called Paleros and their members are called Ngueyos. They have different kinds of gods and goddesses which they worship.

The Palo Mayombe is known as the most powerful and the most effective form of black magic that has been created. It has been practiced by varieties of people for over two hundred years and counting. There have been certain comparisons with the voodoo but it surpasses the voodoo. Its origins aren’t traced to the central Africa which makes it older than any black magic religion that is in existence. The Palo Mayombe is often kept a secret because of the misuse and the misinformation of its sacred practices. It overrules all other black magic religions.