The history and initiation of the Palo Mayombe religion

The Palo religion is one that has been for so many years. It can also be known as the Las reglas de Congo. Palo is a Spanish word which means stick. It is applied to the religion in Cuba due to the use of wooden sticks to prepare their altars. The Palo religion altar are called the la Nganga, el Cadero, Nkisi and la Prenda. They have a denomination(branches) called Mayombe and other sub denominations known as monte and Briyumba. The Palo Mayombe makes use of priest and they are called Paleros. The male priests can be called tata while the female priest is called Yayas. The initiates of the Palo Mayombe are called Ngueyos or Pino nuevo.

How and Where the Palo Mayombe Originated From.

The Palo Mayombe originated during the slave era in Cuba in the 1500s. the Palo religion has its history rooted in the Congo basin of central Africa where large number of slaves were brought over to Cuba and the Palo Mayombe started its growth from there. The Palo Mayombe is a product of the Bakongo religion. It makes use of the mix of two languages, Spanish and bantu language.

The Basic Beliefs and Traditions of The Palo Mayombe

The Palo religion has two major beliefs; which is the veneration of spirit and the belief in supernatural and earthly powers. They have a strong belief that the spirits of the dead live among us. In the Palo religion, only an ordained can communicate to the spirits. They believe that earthly items such as guns and knives help the Paleros to channel spirits and ask for protection from them.  The Palo Mayombe have different spirits they call upon when in need of guidance, protection and other problems needed to be solved. Some of them are the Zarabanda, el Christo rey, San Simon and El Christo negro.

In the rituals of the Palo Mayombe, they make use of music and different forms of dances. In their rituals they make use of wooden instruments and drums. They also use music tones like Cata, Guagua and conga. The hoe, cowbells are mettalic object used during rituals or during their time of worship.

How Can You Be Initiated into The Palo Mayombe?

The Palo Mayombe conducts a ceremony or a rite of passage for new converts. The ceremony is called Rayamiento which means “being scratched” here special marks are made on the skin of the new convert. If one doesn’t want to go through this rite of passage, you can do a self-initiation. You’re probably wondering;

Will the spirit accept me?

What requirements are needed?

How do you know it’s working?

Yes, the spirit will accept you. In the early days, people have gone to search for the ingredients and they initiate themselves without the help of the priests. People have begun to establish a hierarchy with the Palo Mayombe community. Nowadays, people are collecting huge sums of money to get initiated by a priest that is already initiated. We can tell you how to self-initiate without having to pay ridiculous amount of money for it. We will give you a list of ingredients to collect or buy and a step by step instruction to follow. You want to know if it works or not? We will explain a ritual to you that will help you communicate with your ancestors so they can guide you.