The gods, spells and symbols of the Palo Mayombe

The Palo Mayombe has been for quite a while but has been kept secret because of the ignorance and misunderstanding of people who tend to spread false rumors about the Palo religion. The Palo religion worship place hasn’t been discovered and the numbers of worshippers are yet to be discovered.  The Palo Mayombe has been practiced for over 200 years. The Palo Mayombe has numerous amounts of gods and goddess, spells and also symbols that represent what they do, their history and the materials used in the Palo religion.

Palo Mayombe spells

One of the important spells used in the Palo Mayombe rituals or any other time when required is the patimpembe. The patimpembe can also be known as the Firma. It is a type of drawing that is spiritualized therefore connecting the forces which are the Nkisi, mounting and the Paleros with the sigils that represents what is to be accomplished. This spell is a complicated one. Firstly, the patimpembe spell is infused with a meaning that is deep and it needs to be understood clearly by the Palero. This patimpembe spell is one that connects both the spirit and reality. When calling out the spells and drawing them you have to say it with intent so it can be meaningful and also powerful. Only an experienced Palero or person can perform this spell. What is to be place on the altar to call the spirit depends on the situation or the problem. While drawing the Palo symbols, you sing mambos; then it is blessed with smile and rum. The Firma should be seen as the framework, the mambo as the gasoline and the Fula should be seen as the spark that gets the engine running. If you’re not skilled or really experienced with the spell, you have to make sure you understand it fully well before undergoing it. Ask the right questions so as to understand these spells completely. The words you say and the drawings on the patimpembe that you make have to sync. You can’t just say something different and draw something different; they have to be the same. It is with power that the patimpembe comes to life so it has to be very meaningful.

The gods of the Palo Mayombe are powerful and also very effective. They take up specific roles and perform specific functions. They are believed to be living in this world with us and also living inside of us. They have gods and goddess of nature, misfortune, wealth, fertility, sickness, agriculture and other areas. Some of these gods are mentioned below:

  • Zarabanda
  • Lucero
  • Siete Rayos
  • Centella Ndoki
  • Mama Chola
  • Tata Fumbi
  • Tiembla Tierra
  • Madre Agua
  • Ngurufinda
  • Brazo Fuerte
  • Kadiempembe
  • Palo Fuerte

The gods and spells of the Palo Mayombe are very vital parts of the religion and are to be taken seriously. Their gods are not joked with and their spells are done with all manner of seriousness. It is a major key of the Palo religion.