The gods of the Palo Mayombe

The Palo Mayombe has various kinds of gods and goddesses which are very vital to their religion.  These gods and goddess are called upon by the Paleros and they are known as Nkisi. It is believed that these gods and goddess were created by the high god known as the Nzambi or Zambi but the Congo worshippers brought them to deity form by either defying them or raising them.  The Nkisi have different roles they perform in the Palo religion. They reign over different aspects of life and nature. The Nkisi are often kept in special altars called the Nganga or Cadero. Without these Nkisi the Paleros are very powerless. Some of the gods and goddess are listed below.

Their gods and goddess

  1. Zarabanda: this god is known as salabanda or sarabanda. It is the god of iron and war. It also has the power over employment and is known to be a cause of bad luck, misfortune and accidents when he is angered. During the initiation of a new initiate, the Zarabanda is mostly summoned.
  2. Lucero: he is the god over all crossroads and also over all communications. He can also be known as tata elegua or cubango. Before any other god can be summoned, the Lucero is to be appeased first.
  3. Centella Ndoki: she is the goddess of the winds and guards the gates of the cemetery. She rules the marketplace and the activities that go on there. She is well known for her skill of overcoming black magic.
  4. Mama Chola: she is the river goddess. She has control over everything erotic, beautiful and also wealth. When it comes to love black magic she is said to be very powerful and with her you can get any partner that you desire.
  5. Brazo Fuertes: his other names are Cabo de Guerra. He is known for his hot and intense temper. This Nkisi is known for the cause for the cause of all the violent earth destructions and natural causes such as the volcanic eruption. He brings about fever, high blood pressure and auto accidents. He is sometimes known as the solar god.
  6. Kadiempembe: this Nkisi is known as the devil in Congo. He is greatly feared by the members and other gods but also highly respected. The Paleros or anyone who works with me don’t take him lightly. he was once the high god of the Congo people but was later replaced by the Nzambi or Zambi. His other names are Nzambi bilongo.
  7. Palo Fuertes: he is the Nkisi of divine justice and protection. You can’t predict his moves or what he does. His altar is very rare and considered to be a great hunter and also the police force of the spirits and the Congo people.

The gods and goddess of the Palo Mayombe are ones that perform different actions and are always ready to help and protect their followers. They are powerful, well feared and highly respected.