The gods and spirits of the Palo Mayombe

The Palo Mayombe have several gods and spirits in which they summon to ask for protection and guidance on the problems or situations they have. The spirits are called Mpungu while the gods are called Nkisi. These spirits and gods/goddesses are very powerful. They have specific roles they perform that favors or destroy their member’s problems. The roles of these spirits and gods/goddess are listed below.

The Nkisi/Mpungu

  • Lucero: this god is among the first gods to receive the powers of the black magic from the god the creator Nzambi. He is the ruler of communication and also the crossroads. This god has to be appeased before any other god is called upon.
  • Centella Ndoki: this god is the guardian of the cemetery gates and the great ruler of the winds. She can be very dangerous and hot tempered. Centella is said to be the ruler of the market and all the various trading and activity that go on there.
  • Mama Chola: this is the river goddess. She deals in love magic and she is very powerful when it comes to it. Mama Chola is also in charge of all things erotic, beautiful and also wealth. If you work with her, you can have the lover that your heart desires.
  • Ngurufinda: this god oversees all things relating to trees, plants and herbs. A Paleros can’t just mix up herbs for members unless he seeks the permission of the Ngurufinda first.
  • Siete Rayos: he is an ancient spirit of the Palo Mayombe. He rules over thunder and controls the four winds. He is the god of lightning and fire. All the offerings of the Siete Rayos should be dropped in the woods.

These gods and spirits are very vital to the Palo Mayombe religion. Due to their strong belief in spirits they handle their god’s sacred attention. The gods and the spirits are usually summoned on an altar called the Nganga or La Cadero or Prenda. They all have special Nganga and you can’t call upon them if they are not needed. These gods are mostly summoned during times of their rituals or when a spell is to be casted or if a curse is to be placed. Only an ordained Paleros can summon the spirits of the dead. These spirits are believed to be living among us and also inside us. They are readily available to be called on in times of need and protection from it worshipper. It is claimed that these spirits go after anyone who try to do harm to their followers.

The spirits of the Palo Mayombe are very powerful. They claim to be in charge of natural forces and natural happenings in the world. A spirit cannot be summoned on an altar that is not meant for it. These spirits as powerful as they can be, they are all under a supreme ruler which is known as god the creator. The Zambi or Nzambi. Apart from the Paleros the spirits also communicate through earthly materials.