The Fascinating Tales of The Palo Mayombe

The Palo Mayombe happen to be a very interesting and amazing religion. Most people condemn the religion and make negative comments on it due to ignorance of what it is all about.

If this is your first-time hearing about it then you’re in luck.

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The Palo Mayombe is also known as La Reglas De Congo. It originated during the slave era in Cuba among slaves that were brought from the Congo basin. The Palo Mayombe is different from other forms of religion like the ifa, voodoo and the Santeria. Mayombe is one of the branches of the Palo religion. Other branches include the Monte, Briyumba and kimbisa.  The Palo word which means stick can be referred to the religion because the use of sticks used in the preparation of their altars. The altars can also be called Nganga, la Cadero, Nkisi or Prenda. The Palo Mayombe priests are known as Paleros. The male priests are called tatas while the female priests are called Yayas. The initiates are called Ngueyos or Pino nuevo. The major influence of the Palo Mayombe is the Bakongo religion but the religion is also shaped by other religions.

 The Palo Mayombe is said to be the most powerful and the most feared form of black magic in the world. The belief of the Palo Mayombe is based on two major pillars. They are the veneration of spirits and the belief of the use o natural and earthly powers. Their spirits are considered very powerful. The spirits of the Palo Mayombe have different names and different works allocated to them. To mention a few; the Zarabanda-the messenger spirit, el Christo rey-spirit of harvest, san Simon-spirit of divine justice, la Santissima Piedra-spirit of wealth and mama chola-spirit of love and fertility. The spirits are considered very powerful but they are not as powerful as the god creator called the Zambi or the Nzambi. The main spiritual practice of the Palo religion is the altar they make out of sticks called the Nganga or Nkisi. This altar is a sanctified vessel and each spirit has its own Nkisi. The people who practice the Palo Mayombe believe that the altar is surrounded by spirits of the dead and the dead spirits are not the direct ancestors or the current altar owner. The spirits on the altar are called nfumbe and they sometimes act as guides to all the religious activities performed on or around the altar.

The Palo Mayombe don’t make use of colors, clothing and dancing methods that linked to the spiritual deities unlike other religions such as the Yoruba and the Santeria. In their rituals they make use of music which is made by wooden percussion instruments and drums. They also make use of music tones such as the cata, Guagua and conga or ngoma. In their rituals, metallic instruments or items are used such as cowbells, hoes and plow. The Palo Mayombe is known for their good deeds.