The Cuban religion and the different religions under it

In Cuba, there are various practices of different religions in Cuba. The most common religious practice in Cuba is the Roman Catholic Religion. It is the biggest form of religious practice in Cuba. Apart from the Roman Catholic religion. Christianity being the most prevailing religion in Cuba, in other areas of Cuba there are religions that syncretize the Roman Catholic Doctrine such as the Santería.  In Cuba there are other religions that are not related to Christianity or the catholic religion. They are based on traditional beliefs and traditional worships. Some of these traditional religions practiced in Cuba are The Santería, the Palo Mayombe and others. These religions would be discussed below.

The Santería

The Santería is a traditional black magic religion practiced in Cuba. It can also be known as Regla de Ocha. The Santería originated in Cuba in the midst of West Africans.  The Santería is a Spanish religion and it means “worship of the saints”. The Santería has been infused and syncretized by the catholic religion. The Santería makes use the Lucumí language. The words and phrases used in their worships and rituals is a part of the Yoruba language. The rituals of the Santería are not usually done in one place, it could be done in the house of saints or the house of the priests and priestesses. Their space of worship for their rituals is called Igbodu which means altar. The igbodu consists of three different thrones which is built for the king, the queen and the warriors. The Santería have a strong belief that the universe was created by one god and it is being ruled by lesser gods.

The Palo Mayombe

The Palo Mayombe is another Cuban traditional religion, which was originated in the 1500s during the slave trade era in Cuba. The Palo Mayombe roots can also be traced to the Bakongo. In this black magic religion, they have a strong and special belief in the spirits of the dead and also the use of supernatural powers as well as earthly powers because they believe that the spirits are connected with the earthly materials. The Palo Mayombe is also known as las Regla de Congo. Their rituals involve singing and dancing to instruments which are made from wooden percussion instruments and drums. Their common form of divination is the Nganga which means altar. The Nganga is usually prepared for a particular deity and which can only be summoned by a Palero. Their initiation process is very simple but can be complex. It is called the Rayamiento which means “being scratched”.

These two religions, the Santería and the Palo Mayombe are traditional Cuban religions which makes use of black magic. They are very powerful religions which is widely practiced by the majority of the Cuban people. Among these two, the Palo Mayombe is the most powerful and the most effective unlike the Santería which has been syncretized with parts of the Catholic Church religion.