The comparison of the Santeria and the Palo Mayombe religion

Palo Mayombe and Santeria are types of black magic religions that are practiced in the world today. They are majorly practiced in Cuba by the masses. The Palo Mayombe and the Santeria are often compared which leaves people wondering; are they the same? Are they totally different? Well, the Santeria and the Palo Mayombe have their similarities and also their some aspects of these two religions, they share a common similarity and also basic differences. One is more powerful than the other and also more effective than the other.

The Palo Mayombe

The Palo Mayombe originated in the time of the Cuban slave trade era in the early 1500s. Another name known for the Palo Mayombe is las Reglas de Congo. Its major beliefs are the veneration of spirits and also the use earthly materials especially in their rituals. They believe that the spirit of the dead lives among us and also inside of us. The make use of an altar called the Nganga which is built with an iron cauldron and also other items such as sticks and bones. This altar is made specially for their Mpungu (spirits) and they are summoned only by an ordained Paleros. They have several gods and goddesses such as the Zarabanda, Lucero, Madre Agua, San Simon, El Christo Rey, El Christo Negro and many others. These gods and goddesses are claimed to be very Lowery and that each of them performs a specific role in the Palo Mayombe religion. Some of these gods are called upon for guidance and protection while some others are called upon to cause problems for one’s enemies. The Palo Mayombe is a very sacred religion.

The Santeria

The Santeria is another Cuban black magic religion which is often compared to the Palo Mayombe. It is also called Reglas de Ocha and it means the worship of saints. They have a major belief that this earth or universe was created by one god which is later left to be ruled by lesser beings or gods. They have an altar called igbodu which is usually adorned with a touch of royal blue, white and Red satin. Their priests are called Santeros and it can be a male or a female priest. They have several forms of rituals which involves singing and dancing and the involvement of musical instruments.

The Palo Mayombe and the Santeria are similar in different aspects such as they both make use of music and instruments in their rituals and also, they dance in their rituals and other forms of worship. Their distinction major. The major distinction they have is the Santeria is a remnant of a Yoruba religion that is being practiced in the country Nigeria while the Palo Mayombe originated way back before the Yoruba religion. They Santeria takes special care to using colors while the Palo Mayombe doesn’t pay any attention to colors. Despite their similarities and also their differences, the Palo Mayombe is still more powerful and more effective than the Santeria.