The Chronicles of The Palo Mayombe Religion.

Palo Mayombe is one of the ancient forms of black magic which has been for over 100 years. It is said to be the most powerful and also feared form of black magic ever. The practice of the Palo religion is very sacred and done very secretly. Their places of worships aren’t traceable and the record of their worshipers aren’t known. The Palo Mayombe can also be known as the Las Reglas De Congo. It originated during early slave trade in the Cuba era. It can be traced to the Congo basin in central Africa from where different slaves to the Cuban and it was from there the Palo Mayombe religion evolved.

Palo is a word in Spanish which means “stick” and this can be applied to the Palo religion because they make use of sticks to prepare their altar. This particular altar is called Nganga or la Cadero and Prenda. Those who practices and are allowed to use the altar are called Paleros. They are the priests of the Palo Mayombe. The male priests are often called tatas while the female priests are called Yayas. The initiates of the Palo religion are known as Ngueyos or Pino nuevo. The language used for the Palo Mayombe is a mix of Spanish and Bantu language. The Palo Mayombe has different denominations. They are the Mayombe (Mallombe), Monte and the Briyumba (Brillumba).

Over the years, it has come to notice that the Palo Mayombe religion has a strong belief in spirits and making use of supernatural and earthly powers. They believe that these spirts live inside of us all. The spirits of the Palo Mayombe are said to perform good deeds and they have different areas of specialty. Some of these spirits include: the Zarabanda, San Simon, El Christo Rey, El Christo Negro and La Santissima Piedra Iman. These spirits are called upon during their rituals, initiations and when an individual has a problem or needs a form of protection. The Palo Mayombe spirits can only be summoned by the Paleros because it is believed that the Paleros are connected with the spirit in some type of way. Their rituals are very complex but can also be very simple too. During the rituals, they make use of music which are made by wooden percussion instruments and drums. They also make use of metallic objects such as a plow, hoe and cowbells.  The spirits are very important during the rituals especially during the initiation.

As years passed, the Palo Mayombe got compared of linked to voodoo and the Santeria. It is sometimes called the twin of the Santeria. The Santeria is another form of black magic practiced by the Yoruba people of Nigeria while the voodoo is practiced majorly by the Haitian people and other cities such as New Orleans. Overall, the Palo Mayombe is more powerful and effective than the two religions compared. The Palo Mayombe is mostly practiced by the people of Latin American and the Caribbean politicians.