Syncretism in Palo Mayombe

Palo Mayombe religion practices have come under the invasion of the Catholic religion to some extent.  The effect of Catholicism can be seen in the traditions of some houses of Palo. A version of Palo Mayombe religion with the most massive influence of the Christian religion is of the houses of Palo, known as Palo Christiano.

Another break out from Palo Mayombe religion from Kongo is Palo Judio, which presented itself as a version that is resistant to the influence of Christianity and based his practices solely on the Congo African spiritualism.

Syncretism of Palo Mayombe with Santeria

Another evidence of the syncretism of Palo Mayombe and other religions can be found with Santeria. Santeria has been a close religion to Palo Mayombe, and some Palero associates or confused Nkisi to the Orisha of the Santeria.

Compare to Santeria and other African religions in Cuba, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world, Palo Mayombe is easily the most resistant. Palo Mayombe Survived, for a large part, the battle of culture and beliefs supremacy with the Spanish’s Catholicism. The resistance of Palo Mayombe more impressive, considering it came before most of the African religious in Cuba and the Caribbean, the Yoruba rooted Santeria.

Palo Mayombe Divination is an essential part of the Palo Mayombe belief and practice.

Starting a Palo Mayombe ritual or spiritual work without divination can be compared to going to an unknown land without a map or any direction. The same way a doctor will not start treatment on his patient without examining the condition of the patient. After which a diagnosis is made to get to the root of the problem. A genuine Palero will consult with the spirit of the dead to know the best course to take for healing or protection. Palo Mayombe divination gives Palero deep insight into the follower’s problem and the best solution. A Palero that starts a ritual or spiritual work without Palo Mayombe divination is doing it based on his experience. Every situation is unique, the same way the solution to it. Palo Mayombe gives the palero the ability to know the definite cause of a problem and the accurate answer to it. The information about the issue and its solution will be directly from the dead, and it never fails.

The efficacy of Palo Mayombe Sigils

Palo Mayombe sigil is a magical tool known as Patipemba in Palo Mayombe, directing the nature force to work for the purpose we want. Drawing Palo Mayombe Sigils and directing nature energies is only the first part. A Palo Mayombe Sigil like finding your way to a locked door, you will need a key to unlock the door. The key to making a Palo Mayombe Sigil to work and work effectively for a Palero is to leave the realm of humans for the moment. The Palero needs to be possessed by the spirit. Some other religious beliefs have incorporated the Palo Mayombe sigils into their practices. This practice dilution is not only unfortunate but can be dangerous. The natural forces directed by Palo Mayombe Sigil can be good or bad, depending on how it is being used. It is essential to consult a real palero priest for all your solutions.