Stories of the Palo Mayombe religion

Black magic has been practiced widely all over the world. There are different forms of black magic religions spread in every corner of the world. Palo Mayombe happens to be one of those many black magic religions being practiced all over the world today. The Palo Mayombe is claimed to be the most powerful and the most feared form of black magic being practiced today. It has been in the world for over 200 years and still counting. They have strong beliefs and partake in different kinds of rituals and spells which also involve the use of music and also dancing.

The Palo Mayombe originated during the time of slave trade in Cuba. It can also be traced back to the Congo basin where it officially began. The Palo religion have a strong belief in spirits. The word Palo means stick in Spanish and this is because in the Palo religion, they make use of sticks to prepare their altars. The altar is called Nganga or La Cadero and it is a very important aspect of the Palo Mayombe. The Palo religion can be divided into various denominations such as the Mayombe (Mallombe), Monte and Briyumba (Brillumba). The Palo Mayombe is also practiced in other countries such as Brazil (the religion is called Quinbanda in Brazil) and Mexico. They make use of priests which are called Paleros. It is only the Ordained Palero that has the power to summon their gods or spirits to the altar. All rituals and spells are performed by the Palero and no one else. They male priests are called Tata while the females are called Yaya. Their members or initiates are called Ngueyos or pino Nuevo.

The Palo Mayombe has always been compared to the Santeria, voodoo and they Vodun but they have their differences.

The Palo Mayombe undergoes different rituals and spells. In their rituals, dances are performed and varieties of music are played. Some of the music produced are done by wooden percussion instruments and also drums. They have a variety of spirits and gods they worship and also call upon during their rituals. The gods are called Nkisi. Some of them are: Lucero, Zarabanda, San Simon, El Christo Rey, Madre Agua, Siete Rayos, Centella Ndoki. These gods and spirits are very powerful and are always ready to guide and protect their followers. The each have an altar specially for them depending on their role and works that they perform. These gods are only called upon by an ordained priest. To become a member of the Palo Mayombe you have to go through an initiation ceremony. The ceremony is a special ceremony whereby some special marks are carved on the skin. It is called the Rayamiento; being scratched in English. You have to show your confidence, courage and loyalty by swearing an oath to the Palo Mayombe religion. The Palo Mayombe is a very powerful form of black magic. It is more effective and more powerful than all the other forms of black magic being practiced.