Spirits, spells and the initiation of the Palo Mayombe religion

Have you been hearing about the Palo Mayombe?

 Is this your first-time hearing about it?

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The Palo religion is one that originated in Cuba during the slave era.  Its roots can be traced to Congo basin in central Africa. It is a product of Bakongo religions. The Palo religion makes use of liturgical language which is a mix of Spanish and the bantu language. The word Palo is a Spanish word for stick. Its traced to the religion in Cuba where they prepare their altars out of wooden sticks. The Palo Mayombe has different denominations (branches); Mayombe, Monte and the Briyumba. 

In certain situations, the Palo Mayombe is often compared to the Santeria. There’s a major difference between them. The Santeria is from the Yoruba people who stay in Nigeria while the Pola Mayombe is from Congo. Despite the comparison, the Palo is more effective than the Santeria.

The Beliefs Of The people of Palo Mayombe.

The Palo Mayombe are known to have the most powerful and most effective form of black magic in the world. The influence of the Palo religion can be seen in central America such as brazil and Mexico. In brazil the Palo Mayombe is known as Quinbanda. They believe in two main pillars which is the veneration of spirits and the use of supernatural powers. These spirits are considered very powerful but not as powerful as God the creator, Zambi or Nzambi

The Spirits of The Palo Mayombe

There are several deities in the Palo religion; these deities/spirits hold different positions and perform different actions. Here’s a few.

  • Zarabanda: the Zarabanda is the best and foremost divine messenger of whom? Yes its underworld. Do you want any protection? Then contact him.
  • Los Espiritus Intranquilos:  In English it’s called “seven tranquil spirits”. It is very poplar spirit in Mexico and Central America. It is used to force a lover who has gone and not plan to come back.
  • El Christo Rey: He is the lord of this world & yes, he is often called on to reverse witchcraft. El Christo Rey can be called on to settle terminal illness.
  • La Santissima Piedra Iman: this is another powerful spirit used in Palo Mayombe. It can be used for both black and white magic. This particular spirit can be used to attract money and wealth. It is often used by Latin businessmen to gain wealth and prosperity.

Rituals in Palo Mayombe-How Are They Done?

The Palo practitioners have a belief that natural objects have the power of the spirits especially sticks. The main form of spiritual practice is the altar made out of stick which is known as the Nkisi or the Nganga. The Palo religion includes music in their rituals which is being made by wooden instruments and drums. In their rituals, they make use of certain music tones such as Cata, Guagua and the conga or ngoma. The cowbell, plow and hoe are metallic instruments also used during rituals or time of worship.

How Are Initiations Carried Out in the Palo Mayombe?

To get initiated, you have to undergo a sacred rite of passage. This initiation ceremony is called Rayamiento meaning “being scratched” whereby special marks are carved on the skin of the new convert. An oath or a pack of loyalty is made to the Nganga. After this has been made, the person who has received the Rayamiento would be under the protection of the Nkisi. This method is called the Kujamputu. A self-initiation can also be carried out. You’re probably wondering how to that that and if it works. Will the spirit accept you?

Yes, the spirit will accept you. People have wondered around to search for the ingredients and initiate themselves without the priests. Nowadays, people tend to collect huge sum of money to initiate you via a priest when you can do it yourself. We will give you all the ingredient you need to collect or buy and simple instructions to follow. To know if it works or not, a guide on a ritual will be given to you to summon your ancestors to guide you.