Palo Mayombe: There will always be something new

The Palo Monte is a very complex religion, this is not going to be learned overnight. Although the person has many years of professing it, every day you learn something new. Therefore, discipline, effort, time and dedication are some words that define this religion. You never finish learning! Furthermore, it does not matter the time, hours, and days that are scratched, if you do not put any time, sacrifice or effort to learn it. You have to learn to let yourself be guided and then be a leader.

How was Palo Mayombe born?

The Palero is a person that has been scratched on some basis or nganga. The scratch is the ceremony in this religion of worship, to the Nkisis or ngangas. Therefore, the first step is ngello (a). This is the beginning of the Palero meaning, which is considered a minor child of the nganga. The angel is a learner and disciple of his godfather.

What does ngello need to do?

The ngello (a) will learn the name and branch of his godfather’s house and also learn Congo vocabulary, songs and certain herbs. The person who goes to receive the scratching ceremony must not have any sexual relationship for seven days before, this is a consecration ceremony and must enter clean.

The religion: a new adventure to fulfill your inner peace

Palo religion is based entirely on what nature is. That means, you work with everything that contains the magical forces of nature, such as plants, herbs, sticks, lands, stones. Moreover, it contains different types of water, such as rainwater, sea, river, lagoons, and even puddle water. You also work with the moon and the sun in its different seasons. The Palero is a connoisseur of nature. There are many types of herbs and they all serve something different.

Paleros and his powers to transformation

Those who profess the Palero religion, usually do not let other people know about the powers they can present, but they will help many people if they were referral. All Palero Priests are so strong that they can turn a man into a powerful figure in a very short time. Moreover, those Palero Priests can make you feel comfortable in few time and make you feel that you want to join this religion for the rest of your life.