Palo Mayombe religion: know more about this doctrine

The Palo Mayombe is a religion of African origin that gained strength in South America, more precisely in Cuba, due to religious syncretism. The slaves from Africa were the responsible for the spread of the doctrine.

What is the doctrine Palo Mayombe and why it arrived in America?

The Palo Mayombe religion, or Palo Monte, Brillumba and Kimbisa, how it is also known, was created by the African people, because they believed victories, achievements and joys came to them throught faith and prayers, besides worship nature and ancestral spirits. However, due to slave migrations to Cuba and others countries, the africans had contact with other religions, resulting in the interrelationship between them, but preserving their main characteristics individualy. Those who follow the religion are know as Paleros or Nganguleros.

Palo Mayombe Gods

When it comes to Palo Mayombe gods, there is a level of hierarchy strongly regarded and respected by religious practitioners. The main and considered the creator god is Nzambi. Next, are the Kimpungulu (singular: Mpungu). These are taken as deities existing in holy vessels (Nkisi), responsible to represent occurences of nature, such as wind and thunder, for exemple. Other spirits able to inhabit Nkisi are Bakalu, ancestor spirits; Nfuri, ghosts or wandering spirits; Nfumbe, anonymous spirits. 
The Palo Mayombe deities are powerful, and during the rite they lead the conductor of the ceremony.

Palo Mayombe Initiation

During the Palo Mayombe initiation, before being considered part of doctrine, the person needs of the spirits’ scrutiny, in its turn, tell your decision to the spiritual consultant. If the person is approved, a ceremony – known as Nikimba – is made to convert the religious into Nguey if he is a man, or Nkisa if she is a woman. Later, the person will reach the Tata or Yaya level, which will give access to the deepest teachings of religion.
Homossexual are not accepted in the Palo Mayombe Initiation.

What is the vodou importance?

The voodoo practice began also in Africa there are approximately in 4 century a.C. The goal was to captivate and praise spiritual beings, in order to got money, love, health and drive away enemies.
The adherents of some religions of African origin, make of voodoo a way of get in the spirit world, and to ask the gods guidance for dealing with daily mishaps.
During the rituals, the spirits conveys advice for person achive what want. If the indications was not fulfilled, the order will not be placed.

Despite the roots of doctrine to be african, most of the practitioners, currently, are whites. This indicates that religion has indergone changes and adaptations over time, but has preserved its essence.

It is also importante to highlight that Palo Mayombe not have scripture as the bible or quran. There are not a book that adresses a dogmatic profile to be followed in the religion. The vast majoritary of traditions were passed from generation to generations. Some Tatas write book about their knowledge, but are not considered oficial by the religious adherents.