Palo Mayombe: Its spells, deities and Palo religion story

The Palo Mayombe have a complex religous system, which make this doctrine more complete, effective and powerfull to your faith.

Palo Mayombe spells

The contact with the spirits, is one of parts more importats of ritual Palo Mayombe. The deities will hear you and never leave you, but is necessary to be loyal; otherwise, will be hard regain their trust.

After de period of initiation into religion, will bem necessary to have a dear, competente and benevolent godfather or godmother Palo, beucase will be their that will offer you the best guidance about rituals, prayers and new initiations.

When you are starter in Palo Mayombe, the spirits will help you with the spells, but it is not good enought. It is necessary to be with the mind clean and focused, so that there are not interferences in this moment.

Palo Mayombe spirits

When dealing with Palo Mayombe spirits is possible to meet various entities able to help you in different fields of the life. Know now some of them that can welcome you:

  • The seven tranquil spirits
    The seven tranquil spirits are used in simples rituals, being very common in Central America and in Mexico;
  • Madre de La Luna
    Also know as “Mother of the Moon”, the rituals just happen in full moon nights;
  • Francisco of the Seven Rays
    This is on of the oldest Palo Mayombe entities. It fight for justice, and all its offerings must be done in a jungle;
  • San Simon
    This one of the biggest forces in Palo Mayombe, and also defender of the law.

Palo Mayombe religion history

The Palo emerged in Congo. Then it originated other religions, like Palo Mayombe, Kimbisa between else doctrines. When the slaves were take to Cuba, Dominican Republic, United States and Puerto Rico, naturally its chants, culture and religions went to that region with them, favoring the dissemination and, consequently, formation changes and adaptations of the Palo religion.

In some Palo houses there are catholic saints figures and crosses representing the belief of the faithful. This denounces the power of action of religious syncretism during the slave period. However, is importante to highlight: at the time, duo to european pressure, some african countries declared themselves christians, giving up the practice of the original religiosity. The religou syncrestism also was caused by this fact.

The conga rule

Or “La Regla Conga” are a convention about somes standards that must be follow. The rule represent its power and the might of the nature, whose componentes, such as flora and sea are animated for spirits. Also is considered the basis the belief the presence of Nganga. Have
matery over the Nganga and its use without discrimination, representes the hight leve in hierarch of the person.
Other point memorable is the sacred symbols, used to identify the deities presente in the ritual. When the symbols are drawn, the faithfull believe that supernatural occurrences are recorded and that they are responsible for the fulfillment of the covenant. The religious expression Palo Mayombe is the essence of african story and their natives and immigrants, and it never must be fogotten. If you have interest in Mayombe, feel free to seek people the have experience or great informations to pass you on about it.