Palo Mayombe is more effective than Voodoo religion?

Of west Africa, and haitian origin, the voodoo doctrine was spread among different countries during the slave period. One of main features of the voodoo religion are the  rituals for dancing, music and abundant food, such as worship entities, as Loa, and ancestors.

The essence of voodoo doctrine is quite similar to Palo Mayombe; however, its gods have more power over life its followers, and considered, certainly, the most effective. 

What is voodoo?

The basis the voodoo definition is in the worship of ancestors, whose roots are between the people Fon or Fon Nu and Ewe or Jeje, located in Benin, a western African country. However, in the historical context, is not so simple to objectively say what is voodoo. Due to religious syncretism that africans submitted to, 15% of the Benin populations who call themselves “christians”, actually, practice the rites similiar to haitian voodoo. A lot of this people are descends free slaves, that led to the country of origin the new religious custos that learned.

Voodoo history

As Palo Mayombe, the voodoo history started in Africa, but in this case, most strongly in Haiti. However, when the slave period began and the african blacks were taken to catholic countries, found themselves under the need to incorporate elements of the dominant religion, so that they would not be punished for their original religious demonstration. For this reason, the voodoo belief has components of catholicism.
Despite the voodoo history have undergone adaptations over time, still being practiced by most of the haitian people and by immigrant citizen in the country.

Voodoo practices

  • The Vuduns (or Loas)
    The vuduns or Loas, how also are called, are spiritual deities that represents the nature power. To contact it, é necessary to delight the spirits with foods and drinks. The medium also can to incorporate one of this spirits, to try a direct contact;
  • The spike doll in voodoo rituals
    Unlike what is watched in the movies, the doll are used as a lucky charm. Depending on request, it must be left on a home forniture, and the person need to do the same resquest for it everyday;
  • Back to life
    The bokors (priests) are able to revive dead people as a way to punishment. The person can to live for more 2 days to to complish tasks. Past this time, the bokors burn the body lest the dead do not be enslaved again;
  • In the ceremonies
    During rituals like weddings, baptized and funerals the women stay at home while the husband has other function, like to play drum;

  • Worship the spirits
    There are voodoo practices rituals to each different goal: health, love, work and protection. Each family wroship their own ancestors.

Why Palo Mayombe is considered better, positive and more powerful than Voodoo doctrine?

If you have read our previous articles, then you certainly know what Palo Mayombe is and its main features and similarities with voodoo religion. However, although despite the ritualistic diversity existing in several others doctrines, none is more complex and complete as in Palo. The rituals are considered one of aspects more importante of the Palo Mayombe religion, because the time dedicated to spirit say a lot of positive return you will get. It is important have knowledge about different doctrines, but none will be effective in you life as Mayombe Doctrine.