Palo Mayombe Initiation

Like almost all religions, Palo Moyambe initiation needs to be done to become an accepted member of Palo Mayombe. It is a sign of been dead to your previous beliefs or unbelief. A newly initiated member not only agreed to abide by all the laws of been Palero.

He must also become a proud member of a house, known as muanso. Every house has its priest and elders. Every house has its lineage which they are often proud. All the houses are under one umbrella of Palo with a general rule. They mostly have their own slightly distinct ways and Palo Mayombe initiation.

The most popular lineage includes Kimbasa, Mayombe and Briyumba. Palo Mayombe initiation is not concluded without reading Congo ethics. The code of conduct and the oath are what guides the person to be a good representation of Palo Mayombe. The full details of the Palo Mayombe initiation are not to be made public. They have been said to cure many afflictions.

Palo Mayombe rituals

Palo Mayombe ritual like other types of African rituals is often misunderstood. The misconception is mainly from people being served with false information, usually by the media or peoples from religious beliefs. Imitators and imposters also do things that are not fully connected to Palo Mayombe ritual. The fastest way to get the attention of the spirit is by performing a ritual.

Offering a ritual shows you wanted and deserves what you are asking for. It is also a way of paying your allegiance to the spirits of the dead. The type of Palo Mayombe ritual and spell a Palero can offer depends on his or her experience. Many Palo Mayombe rituals involve the use of natural objects and animal sacrifices or their bones. Palo Mayombe is not a belief of violence to either animal or human. Any killing done to an animal for Palo Mayombe ritual’s purpose should never be done brutally.

Palo Mayombe Curse

Palo Mayombe curses are often considered the strongest among other religious curses. The result is almost immediate and very deadly. Other African beliefs practitioners like the Santeria Babalawo and the Yoruba Priests are known to consult Paleros for powerful curses.

The fast and powerful effect of Palo Mayombe curses may have given it some evil reputation among outsiders. Its healing power is the same immediate and effective way. Palo Mayombe curse is a powerful tool that can be used either way. There are far many great things to be done with Palo Mayombe curse than the harms the few bad practitioners are using it for.

Palo Mayombe Spirit

Nkuyo, the spirits play great roles in the faith. Humans place attention on the physical before the spirit. It should be the other way round. We humans, for example, are first spirits before we were given bodies. We will still be spirits after the bodies are gone. Our spirits most times help us through difficult times our physical are experiencing. Spirits outside of ourselves are always around to guide us if only we know how to ask Palo Mayombe is a strong connection the Palo Mayombe spirits.