Palo Mayombe do not must be confused with Santeria religion

Santeria doctrine have origin nigerian and belonging to the Yoruba nation. Its theology and ancestral tradition filled with various rituals, attracts many adherent around the world, even believers who believe that it belongs to the Mayombe. However, Palo Mayombe and Santeria is not the same religion.

Santeria religion

The religion also known as “La Regla de Ocha” and “Lucumi Religion”, it was widespread in Cuba by slaves. They had their spiritual traditions, and, as happened with black Voodoo and Palo Mayombe adherent, the Santeria religion hid their belief dentro the catholic figures belonging to their owners, making the doctrine acquire elements of the dominant religion. Also there are those who not accepted this new reality, and chose to worship their saints “originals”. These slaves were called “way of saints”, by Santeria doctrine.

Santeria saints

When we talk about this religion, we consider as Santeria entities, the saints and orishas. They are considered the main access portal of communication between the human and the transcendental word. Between human and god.
To understand better, is possible to make an referente to holy trinity, characteristic of catholiscim – “on behalf of the father, Son and Holy Spirit” –.
Know some orishas and the saints correspondent, respectively:

  • Exu – Saint Antonio;
  • Ossaim – Saint Roch;
  • Xango – Saint Jerome, Saint Peter, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Joseph and Saint
  • Francis of Assis;
  • Iansa – Saint Barbara;
  • Oxala – Jesus.

Yemaya Santeria

Yemaya Santeria is a female orisha considered one of more importante, dear and respected in this religion. Its origin is of Yourubá doctrine, but also have participation in Santeria, where is considered “queen of the wave”. The name Yemaya comes from the term “Yèyé Omo Ejá”, translate mean “mother of fish children”.
Yemaya Santeria have its name related to the origin of several other deities that make up the religou scene of many african doctrines. On the other hand, being held responsible for the creation of so many orishas, the figure also is linked to fertility and motherhood, besides being reference for those who seek comfort and protection, to fight the problems of life.  Why some people confuse Santeria and Palo Mayombe?
The orgin and basis of religion between Santeria and Palo Mayombe are similar. However, the religions should not be confused. Mayombe is a strand of Palo religion, unlike Santeria; the rites of contact with the spirit world are made of different ways; the Santeria had origin in Nigéria and Palo emerged in Congo. We also need to consider Palo Mayombe more efficient, influential and powerfull in their achievements, when compared to Sanderia and others africans and westerners religions. 

Is Palo Mayombe really safe?

The Palo Mayombe priest can be consulted for you to get help of entities and spirits. Unfortunately, due to the historical marginalization that the west has imposed in religion, still have a lot of preconception. However, how everything in life, only depend of choices that you make. When you to consult a Palo priest willing to do good and leave positivity to your life, you will see the real healing power. The opposite is also possible, but all depends your intention and goodness.