Palo Mayombe and the Potency of its Spells

Palo Mayombe is a religion that deals with magic and supernatural powers, harnessed by connections with spirits and deities. These powers can be used to achieve various results which would fall into positive and negative results. These powers can be used to heal, as well as to lay sicknesses on others. It can also be used to bring prosperity and wealth, and can otherwise do as much take another man’s life. The result and effect of these powers would rest with the Palero’s individuality. However, most Paleros love to speak of the religion as one that brings healing, restoration, blessings, wisdom and a representation of the African identity and spiritual essence.

Efficacy Of The Spells:

New initiates are beginner Paleros are advised to apply caution as regards casting spells. The efficacy of the spell cast would rest on the level of experience attained by the Paleros. Notwithstanding, it is widely known that Palo Mayombe has the most powerful spells being cast, hence their Priests and Priestesses are being sought after by members and leaders of other dark cults and religions. However, these spells can be quite dangerous and should not be toyed with. Anyone who intends to engage in these spells must be well prepared for what it involves and the consequences that may follow.

Activating The Spells:

These spells are carried out using the sacred symbols and the nganga that has been set up the Palero. The nature of the deity, otherwise called mpungu to which the nganga is set up would determine to a large extent the result of the spells. Hence, a Palero can have more than one nganga to consult in different situations, whether violent or therapeutic.

To activate a spell, a sacred symbol also known as Firma would be drawn as a representation of the needed results. This firma stands as the signature of the entities and recognized spiritual authorities involved. Anyone drawing the frame has to have an in-depth understanding of its meaning to effectively harness the powers of the spirits. It is not enough to know how to draw the diagram or symbols themselves, you must be knowledgeable of what they represent. Beginners are advised to ask for the meaning of any firma they have received from their Tata (godfather).

While drawing the firma, ritual incantations are being made. Every angle and line is crafted with purpose and meaning. This would, in turn, bring the symbol to life with power from the spirits.

Some firma may also require the inclusion of certain items to empower it the more depending on the intended results. For example, to create a love spell, you may need the pictures or items belonging to the love target.

As the symbols are being drawn and incantations are being chanted, the frame is lit up with spiritual energy to set the action in motion. Some Paleros would also add rum and smoke as the incantations are carried on. Some herbs and plants may also be required for effect.