NZAMBI: The Marvel of Marvels

Nzambi a Mpungu is worshiped by the Paleros as the High God of creation. He is regarded by the people of Bakongo as the Supreme Deity. These people can be found in regions in the Republic of Angola and the Republic of Congo. His name spread through religions by the influence of the people of Congo. He is acknowledged as almighty God who is far above other deities. These deities submit and report to Him. They are the interface between man and Nzambi as Nzambi is seen to be too powerful and mysterious to be related to on a one-on-one basis. These lesser deities include Nkungu, Zarabanda and Mal Kengue.


In Congo mythology, Nzambi is believed to be the Creator of the universe. He created the universe and withdrew from it but yet still controls and inhabits all the elements of nature. He is believed to have made many twice. The first time, man was found to be evil and had to be buried. Then, creation had to be done again. After which woman was formed from wood and the first couple began their existence.

In the religion of Candomble Bantu, he is worshiped as the Sovereign Master and the Creator of the world. He is said to be in charge of rainfall and health.

In the Kumina religion, the High Deity and Creator is worshiped as King Zombi; derived from the name Nzambi.

In Palo Mayombe, Nzambi Mpungu is the Creator God who is in charge of all-natural elements. He is seen as the Sun who expresses his persona through nature. He is in charge of all the universe and an element of his personality and power can be linked to every natural object. He also inhabits the spirit of dead ancestors, as when they die and are buried, it is believed that they interact with nature, thus absorbing nature’s power. His power is usually accessed via the sacred shrine or altar called nganga.

He is the father figure and through it, man gives expression to his being. He created all things; good or bad and it is believed they all have a right to exist on Earth.

He gives all souls of man their personalities and qualities of the soul. It is said, ‘what comes from heaven cannot be resisted.’


Nzambi a Mpungu is called the ‘Marvel of Marvels’. He is said to be kind; protective and defensive of the poor. He is self-existent; in need of no one or nothing to be a god. He is the fountain of goodness; abounding in mercy to all. He is all-powerful, invincible and all-knowing. He is also said to be mysterious and beyond the understanding of man.


Nzambi is the goddess of earth’s mystery. The essence of the earth. Myth has it that she was sent to Earth by Nzambi a Mpungu. He married her and became the father of all creation. She dictated the laws of man and endowed man with skills in art and games. She is the great Princess of the Earth. Myth has it that she stole from Nzambi a Mpungu’s boxes of lightning.