Nsambi, the creator and the overseer of the universe

Nsambi is the ultimate. He lives within every living thing and occupies every space, every object. He is the God in Palo Mayombe and the creator. He is often symbolized with the symbol of the Sun and the plants in many representations. There are symbols of Him been represented with a man in a crucifix, this is a misconception. There is nothing like a crucifix in Palo Mayombe religion. The symbol was meant to be a description of Nsambi presence within and around us. It is also an explanation of the pre-colonial Kongo Cosmology. They believe the Sun, which cycles and reflects around the four main points of the Sunset, dawn noon and the midnight. It was manipulated to look like a cross to suit Christianity’s agenda.

The higher Palo gods

Like any hierarchy, Nsambi is not only the creator but the overseer of the Universe. Other Palo Mayombe gods are always at your service at beck and call once you have the experience and the knowledge to call on them. 

Zarabanda is probably the busiest of all the gods; he is a divine messenger that carries human messages to the spirit world.  Zarabanda is a very fierce god that can be unmerciful to the evildoers and protect his own. He is the god to seek his face if you ever need protection both in the physical and spiritual.

 Madre De Agua is a powerful and gentle goddess that gives Palo Mayombe faithful money magic and love connection. Madre De Aqua is a Sea goddess and she is all about motherhood, so you can get plenty of love and provision from her.

La Santisma Piedra Iman: This is the god in care of the famous Palo Mayombe Magic. This is the spirit you need to attract if you are ever in need of either white or black magic.

Santisma Muerte: This is the goddess of death, cemetery and afterlife.

San Simon: The Just god, he is all about keeping law and justice.

The Dead and the ancestors in Palo Mayombe

Palo Mayombe does not consider death as the end. Life is a continual cycle where humans can exist in various form. This is why the ancestors are an important part of Palo Mayombe. They are dead are our ancestors who form invisible force all around. They are often there to protect us from danger. A Palero is most powerful where he knows how to invoke and use the spirit of the Palo Mayombe ancestors for protection, provision and guidance. Such benefits, however, do not come without a price. The price is to keep the memories of the dead alive and venerate their spirit with earthly symbols. That is a small price to honoring the Palo Mayombe ancestors to pay for the huge benefits that come with it.

Palo Mayombe Spell

Spells are the fastest to get quick result in Palo Mayombe. A well-planned Spell starts with the Firma or Patiempemba, a spiritualized drawing.  A Palo Mayombe spell goes beyond the drawing a Firma. A Palo Mayombe Spell is a spiritual exercise that represents your appeal to the spirit and also your request.