Is Palo Mayombe the same thing as voodoo?

Voodoo is a form of magic that is practiced in some areas of the world. It originated in the west indies during the French colonial period and it’s still widely done in Haiti today. Voodoo can be found in different areas in the world such as

In New Orleans, voodoo was infused with the city’s dominant religion which happened to be Catholicism which was what gave it its name; the New Orleans voodoo. It is also known as Louisiana voodoo.

Do you know Haiti has voodoo as a dominant religion? Yes that’s right! There is 70% catholic, 30% Protestant as well as 100% voodoo. In Haiti, the Haitian voodoo worshippers pray and offer sacrifices to summon the spirits, then they dance until the spirits take over their bodies and they say it heals them or advices them.

Voodoo is often compared to the Palo Mayombe religion which is a religion that started during the slave trade in the Cuba era. The Palo Mayombe is more powerful and more effective than the voodoo. Though they have some similarities such as the use of music, the use of drums and dancing. Voodoo and the Santeria religion are more related than voodoo and the Palo Mayombe. The voodoo is more associated with other religions such as Catholicism; this is depicted in the Haitian voodoo and New Orleans voodoo, whereas the Palo Mayombe is purely original and stays on its own. The Palo religion is associated with many kinds of different powerful spirits who they summon to protect them and grant them their various wishes.

The initiation process is what makes the Palo Mayombe more powerful and more effective than the voodoo or the Santeria. The Palo Mayombe don’t just let anyone be a part of the Palo religion. You have to earn it. You have to be able to display courage and confidence and have a sense of loyalty to be able to take the oath. the Palo Mayombe is a very powerful form of black and white magic. It is mostly used for good such as protection, healing, good health etc. the time it’s used for dark use is only when its warranted or really needed. It has done better than harm to its believers or worshipper.

So, is Palo Mayombe the same as voodoo?

Well, Palo Mayombe is more than voodoo in the likes of power and effectiveness. Yes, sure they have similarities but the Palo religion comes out stronger and more powerful than the voodoo or the Santeria. The Palo Mayombe has been practiced for 200 years and have kept its beliefs and traditions solid and sacred. It is on of the religions concerning black magic that have been able to maintain and monitor its growth over the years making it one of the most powerful religions to ever be.