Interesting facts about Palo Mayombe

The religion Palo Mayombe is an interesting religion and there is no reason as to why anyone would want to shy away from joining this religion. In the past a lot of people have been afraid to join the religion with fear of not being accepted into the religion. Well, it has been made simple for everyone. Anyone can be initiated and become a full born-again member of the Palo Mayombe community. In the past, a lot of people were initiated into Palo Mayombe without a priest, some have even been told they need to pay a sum of seven to twenty five thousand dollars to an initiated priest and they will be initiated into the kingdom. So many answers have been left unanswered about Palo Mayombe and in this article, all your doubts would be cleared.

  • What requirements do I need?

The only requirements you need to be initiated into the community are a list of items that would be giving to you when you are ready to join the community. You are expected to follow the step-by-step instructions strictly and if this is appropriately done, you are on your way to becoming a full-fledged member.

  • How do I know its working?

This is also another question that has been in the hearts of many. There is a ritual that will be explained once the initiation step is completed. This ritual helps you communicate with your ancestors and they help guide you and reveal to you all you need to know. There is nothing to worry about, it is definitely working.

  • What is my guarantee?

You will get a list of instructions in which you are required to follow strictly for fourteen days to get self-initiated and you will be directed on how you can communicate with the ancestors during these fourteen days. You are being given the way to communicate with your ancestor to relieve you of any doubts you have within you.

  • Why should I be initiated?

This question is indeed an important question. There are many reasons why you should be initiated into the Palo Mayombe community. Some of which will be listed below;

  • The gods of Palo Mayombe are very powerful and are willing to protect their people.
  • The people of Mayombe are very welcoming and friendly.
  • Powerful and trustworthy leaders to solve problems.
  • Beautiful attractive rituals and initiation steps.
  • The religion can be practiced anywhere.
  • It is a peaceful religion.
  • It signifies peace and unity.

Having to spend thousands of dollars just to get initiated into Palo Mayombe is not what the religion has built its foundation on and it would certainly not start now. In these days, it is rare to find a sincere and devoted member of the Palo Mayombe religion just anywhere. Most of them are confined to remote villages and small towns in Latin America. In the past there had been some books released about Palo Mayombe in which all of them turned out to be negative. These books were written by ignorant people who knew just a little about Palo Mayombe and were bent on destroying the name of the religion.

Paleros do not advertise their powers and will only perform spiritual work on an individual via referral. The Paleros priest power is said to be very powerful and it can literally bring end or life an individual within minutes.

Palo Mayombe is a great religion and there are still many interesting facts that are yet to unfold form this religion. The techniques, spells and rituals are based on the teachings of Montenegro Family of Brazil who have been practicing this powerful magic for over two hundred years. Palo Mayombe is not associated with black magic and there is definitely no reason why this religion wouldn’t want to be practiced by everyone.