In Palo Mayombe, who is known as the spirit of Zarabanda?

Among the Spirits in Palo Mayombe, Spirit of Zarabanda plays a major role been the divine messenger of the underworld. It’s only through him which mankind communicates to the spirit world. As said, there must be various elements such as Sacred Earth, sticks and bones to perform rituals when communicating with spirits. In Palo Mayombe, spirit of Zarabanda is considered to be the God of ambitions, God of Innovations and technology. He is also known as the God of Iron and God or war due to work ethics, determination and raw masculine power. As the God of Iron, He is the Keeper of knife according to Palo Mayombe. All the manner of bloodshed belongs to him in some form. He use his knife to separate useful from useless. He is also known as the devourer of Evil. Spirit of Zarabanda has a great power even to break most powerful curses.

According to Palo Mayombe, who is the king of Underworld?

El Christo Negro is considered to be the Lord and King of the Underworld. According to Palo Mayombe, the crucified black Christ represents El Christo Negro. All the spirits of Palo Mayombe should bow before him. He is also represented through black rooster and crows.

In Palo Mayombe, is there a God for Law and Justice?

San Simon, the spirit of Law and divine justice is a very powerful God in Palo Mayombe and also Central American black magic. When you become initiated to san Simon mysteries, you gain the power of knowledge and secrets of divine justice. San Simon is the most powerful Spirit that the Central American black magic can be initiated to.

Can I gain my desired lover through Palo Mayombe?

The Sea Goddess and the ruler of motherhood, Madre De Agua. She is one of the most powerful spirits in Palo Mayombe. She is considered to posses the secrets of strong love and money magic. She helps you to gain any of your desired lovers. She is also a Great Spirit which is gentle, loving and possessing a great power of healing. As the God of sea, she loves sea shells, sea fans and oceans. She favors the blue ocean, corals and crystals. Also been the patroness of children as well as their mothers, she can bring great blessings and wealth to those she favors.

Are there any Spirits to help with Fertility?

According to the spirits in Palo Mayombe, Mama Chola is a powerful female spirit who is used for spells of love and fertility. She is known to be a powerful and beautiful witch who rules rivers. As in Palo Mayombe, she is a spirit from Caribbean. All her offerings should be taken into rivers. It is said that she loves peacock feathers, wine, mirrors, honey and eggs. She loved amber and orange colors.