I want the magic on me – Palo Mayombe or Santeria?

Which one should you choose? Palo Mayombe or Santería?: These two religions although they seem the same, they are not. Let’s remember that in fi rst plaace, the enemy of man will always be the misery, and the struggle will always be to free the man from bad energies and things that incline him to spiritual poverty. However, we must remember that Santeria is a religion, and Palo Mayombe is pure magic. So without a doubt, what will bring you closer to your goal, will be Palo Mayombe.

We can start with the origins, Palo Mayombe comes from the Bantú culture, and the Santeria from the Yoruba culture. Although both come from Africa, the two are regions so different that we could say that they are not in the same continent. Man comes from nature, which is pure force. Therefore, Palo Mayombe believes in natural forces, in this magic that Mother Nature put before us in order to reach fullness. So in Palo Mayombe we believe in the sea, wind, stars, rays, tigers, rivers and lagoons, etc. and t all the elements of nature. All this is used to manipulate and thus be able to manipulate them on the basis of dealing with the dead. In Palo Monte, it is we who decide our own destiny, we are the ones who give the orders to the mpungus and nkisi. That is why, in Palo Mayombe we have the advantage of reaching our goal of life easier, unlike Santeria, which follow the oracles of Ocha and Ifa who are responsible for transmitting the divine designs, all that They have prepared for everyone.

In Santeria, it offers a spiritual relationship, inclined to the feudal system. Where they simply follow the orders and accept what touched them. While Palo Mayombe, we can say that it is like a democracy, it is pure magic, like a democratic system, where there are two parts, in this case the spirits and the sorcerers, establish an alliance and an oath, where they commit to help the “ palero ”to fight against his enemies, the material world ending with strengthening the link with the spiritual world.

In Cuba religion, both religions are usually practiced, Cubans go to babalawos and santeros to know their destinies or simply orient themselves in what they want, so they can get their devotion, however, to Santeria not being so efficient, since as we said before, in this religion it is

like a feudal regime, where you simply accept your destiny, but in Palo Mayombo, you choose your own destiny, you are the one who gives the

orders, so when Santeria does not give results, people come to the “Paleros” to have a better response to your requests. And also demonstrating that, Palo Mayombo is more powerful than Santeria. And, although it seems false, many santeros recommend consulting a “palero“.

Santeria and Palo mayombo, complement each other, but more than complement each other, mayombo stick gives the final word to any situation, it is a cult that satisfies all needs, whims and desires, with a power to heal madness by diverting death and attracting happiness.