How to Initiate into Palo Mayombe?

Deciding to join the Palo Mayombe involves a lifetime of commitment. It is not just something that should be born of whim or impulse. As such you must understand fully the requirements and the concepts of initiation before going into the Palo Mayombe. Here are some of the things you need to know about the Palo Mayombe initiations.

Who does the Palo Mayombe initiations?

The initiations are handled by the Palo Mayombe Priest, the Palero. The Palero wears his robe as the intermediary between the Gods and the individuals who are baptized into the Palo Mayombe religion. He also serves to protect the community and keep all the members safe from harm.

Becoming a Palero

To become a palero, you must have understood some very important aspects of the Palo Mayombe religion. Part of this is the understanding that in becoming a palero, you become a light to a world constantly plagued by darkness. You must understand that your life is now not only yours but for the community you stand to represent.

In death, your fire will be put out by the greatest light of all. Then you will become one of the higher beings providing directions to they that are still living in this earthly darkness.

Becoming a part of the Palo Mayombe

The desire to become a member of the Palo Mayombe has led you here and perhaps it is the will of the Palo Mayombe spirits that you should be initiated into the Palo Mayombe.

To do this, you must consult the only link to the spirit world, a Palo Mayombe priest, the palero. It is this priest, the palero, who will seek out the spirits and determine if you can or cannot become a member of the Palo Mayombe.

Not everyone can become a part of the Palo Mayombe and that is a fact you must know. It might not be your spiritual path. If that be the case, the Palo Mayombe spirits will notify you through the priest that it is not the way for you.

How do you receive your spirit?

You must know that receiving the spirit of Palo Mayombe largely depends on two things.

  1. The Palero, that is the priest that handles your initiation
  2. Your God Parents that will be accepting you into the Palo Mayombe.

Once you have been initiated into the Palo Mayombe, you have completed the first of many steps on the right path to the spirit world.

Can you self-initiate into Palo Mayombe?

You can’t initiate yourself into the Palo Mayombe. The secrets and mysteries can only be transferred from a Palero.

In the ancient customs however- in the Congo basin, when an individual was going through the Palo Mayombe initiation rituals, he would by himself go into the bush or do it with an elder to collect all the elements needed to complete the invocation of the spirits.

Since bringing the Africans to the new world however, the initiation customs have so mightily changed.