How Palo Mayombe will change your life?

Palo Mayombe is a religion that can take time to learn, it implies discipline, but once you are in it and understand its essence, you will not be able to leave it. For many, it can be a strange religion, with abnormal rituals, however, we must remember that we judge based on what we know, so do not close and give it a chance, as I told you before: you will not regret it.

We are going to start by telling you a little about religion, beginning with its origins, it has Bantu origins, it was developed by slaves from Africa who later transferred it to Cuba. Everything preaches a balance between good and evil, or “Mbote” and “Mbi.”Although it is hard for you to believe it, it is a religion that has been around since the 20th century, where it began to expand to other Latin American countries, but it has its essence since its inception.

What is Ngello (a) ?: This, say, is the fi rst step to begin the transition, it is the apprentice and disciples of your future sponsor. The fi rst thing that will be learned will be to greet the foundation, name and branch of your godfather’s house and the Congolese vocabulary. A ceremony will be held and the person who received it must have been 7 days without sexual relations, to refl ect purity.

This religion has 2 pillars: the powers of nature, all possible natural resources are used, such as sticks, plants, stones, water, etc. In addition, many herbs are used, each has a specific function; and the veneration of the spirits.

Why and how can you get scratched?: Scratching is the beginning of religion. There are many ways by which you can get “palero”, through a stick consultation, or even a spiritual mass. However, it is not that easy, you have to strictly follow the process and it has to be an event that invites you to be scratched. To this we go with:

Who can give you the authorization to “scratch you”: The palero is the one who has the right to scratch you, to take the first step to this wonderful path. All this to combat evil and create the perfect balance that will give that harmony that you are looking for so much in your life, a life full of peace and balance. I assure you, once you do it you will achieve unparalleled mobility and happiness, something new that you will experience. The spirits will come into your life to save you, and thus achieve prosperity. When you enter this path, you will be part of Kimbiza, and you will be united by a mystical sacred bond. This ceremony is called:

Kima in congo will change your life: It means palero and oath. As I told you before, scratching is the shedding of all your bad energies that you have accumulated for years,

a rebirth. These evils will leave your body through different methods and there, you will see the light.

This was an introduction to what will probably change your life, which will give way to glory. Many times we close to territories that we do not know, or that is not our place of comfort, without knowing that there are many other life opportunities that allow us to achieve our goals, and above all, be happy.