Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Palo Mayombe

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to know more about Palo Mayombe but you haven’t quite gotten around to, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

We look to provide answers to all the questions you might have and as such we present to you in detail everything you’ve always wanted to know about Palo Mayombe.

What exactly is Palo Mayombe?

Palo Mayombe is by simple definition the most powerful religion in the world, or as is most often argued one of them. It was a religion that took root from Congo. It is sometimes as such referred to as Las Reglas de Congo.

How did the religion spread from Congo?

The Palo Mayombe religion spread predominantly during the slave trade and from there became widely prevalent in Cuba and beyond.

Palo religion denominations?

Yes, the Palo religion like most of the other religions is divided into denominations. There is for example the Palo Mayombe which is very popular among those who know the truth. There is also the Palo Monte and a few others that lie within the umbrella of the Palo beliefs.

The Palo Sanctuaries

The sanctuary of the Palo Mayombe is a really sacred place most often accessed solely by the Palo priests, the Paleros. These paleros tend to the affairs of the sanctuary and attend to every Palo initiate that comes to consult them.


As a member of Palo Mayombe, upon the completion of your initiation, you will have the right to a unique and special name depending on the group and category you fall into.

  • The palo priest, the connection between the realms, are called the Palero
  • The Palo men, strong and wise, are called Tatas
  • The Palo women, capable and swift, are called Yayas or Nganguleros
  • As a Palo initiate, you would be known as ngueyos or pino nuevo

The Pillars of Palo Mayombe

Palo Mayombe rests on two main pillars. These pillars include:

  • The belief in earth’s natural powers:  They believe there are powers in natural objects without specifications to archetypal figures. This contracts the belief of their counterparts, the Santeria from the Yoruba religion.
  • The veneration of the spirits

The Music of the Palo Mayombe

The music of the Palo Mayombe begins and ends with percussions. These are natural wooden objects as supported by the Palo belief system. These percussive instruments are known to carry so much power and strength in their sounds.

Some of them include:

  • The guaguá
  • The ngoma
  • The conga or the catá

The ways of the members of the Palo Mayombe members are truly spectacular and powerful. They continue to live in secrecy, carefully transferring and handing down the knowledge of their religion to their initiates.

The only way to gain knowledge of this wisdom as you most rightly know will be to become a part of the grand community. You have taken a grand step yourself by pushing to know all you can about the Palo Mayombe religion. You’re on the right path.