Elucidation of Yoruba religion

The Yoruba religion refers to a series of beliefs that come from West Africa, between Nigueria and Benin, and expanding to the Caribbean islands as did Santeria, Palo Mayombo and voodoo. In this religion, myths, songs, stories, etc. predominate.The deities are called Orishas, which means owners of the head, and to become, it is also called “becoming holy,” where a god crowns the new practitioner. In their belief it is that the Orishas were also human at one time, but after their death they go to heaven, all of them were completely evoked to the firmness and commitment that this religion dedicates.

The end: The Yorubas believe in reincarnation, they believe that there is a life after death, just as they believe that the Orishas were human, and that after death they became gods.

A sample of the fervor that this religion awakens by the depth of its spirituality, can be appreciated despite its eminently African origin, has integrated people from different cultural backgrounds.Torn their origins, they entered this continent in a violent and involuntary way, where they were subjected to a repressive process by which they were intended to forget their traditions, particularly the religious ones, and adopt the customs of the slavers among which the most important was Christian religion.

What is important?: The most important aspects of this religion are its mythology, the deep esoteric symbolism that it contains and the practices full of fervor, which over time underwent serious transformations, deeply influenced by the Catholic iconolatry of the Spanish “masters”, but maintaining Through strong and living time for their believers.

The Syncretism: Was a process originated by the survival of a culture and a belief: a mixture of elements, functions and gods, in which African slaves pretended to accept the images of Catholicism through a simple resemblance.Thus were born the different nominations, the syncretization of the different African cults and the Catholic religion, as a product of a natural and logical process; Thus was born the Rule of Ocha or Santería.

The offerings: Made to the Saints are called: Addimú.They are Fruits,Vegetables, Plants, Flowers and Animals that are fed to the Oricha as an expression of the Love of the believer who wishes to communicate with the divinity. Offerings do not always include the immolation of an animal, especially when it comes to uninitiated persons within Religion, but when this happens, it is an honor for it to participate in the ceremony, because by this act it becomes an energy that it transmutes the evil that afflicts humans, reaching higher spiritual levels by being a messenger between the earthly and celestial plane. His blood is a sacred fluid that is associated with everything that is beautiful, noble, generous and elevated, it is the food of the Oricha and also the vehicle that transmits the plea of believers.

What all these religions have in common is, they all have a feudal system, what you will do is what they indicate, which means that it is not you who will choose the destination. Unlike Palo Mayombe, who gives you the power to choose what you want, I remember how you started and fighting against the first enemy of man: Poverty.All these religions, in the end send Palo Mayombe to consult when none works, think about this every time you decide which path you are going to take.