Elucidation For Voodoo and zombies

Voudon commonly spelt Voodoo is another African originated spiritualism from the enslaved West African Vodou. It became deeply rooted in Haiti. Like other Palo Mayombe, the Voodoo practitioners also believed in the Supreme being called Bondye and the spirits known as Loa. There are other versions of Haiti voodoo such as New Orleans voodoo with a heavy blend of Catholicism.

Voodoo beliefs and practices are also falsely represented in the mainstream media and pop culture. Example of such misinformation is the zombies. Voodoo Zombies have appeared in many movies as mindless, soulless, brain-eating monsters. It is not only true. ‘Zombification’ is a strong spell in voodoo performs by powerful priests called bokors to bring people back from the dead. These zombies were said to be used in farms as Labourers and not brain-eating monsters.

Palo Mayombe recognizes the power of the spirits of the dead more than other religions.

But unlike voodoo practice or history of zombies, Palo Mayombe put higher values on the dead than using them as labourers. The dead possess more power that can be harnessed not only for success in all areas of life but also for protection from physical and spiritual attacks.

Voodoo Magic

Voodoo magic works on the fundamental of coming invoking energy from various parts of the universe. A common form of magic in voodoo is Simulacra. It is the representation of a person by an object and making connections between the two entities. This is one of the purposes of a voodoo doll. Other items like the picture or personal item of such person work to a great extent. A spell is then cast to create a psychic link between the human and the object. Any action taken on the object will affect the person it represents.

It is common to see a voodoo ceremony starts with a Roman Catholic prayer, this is one the areas Palo Mayombe edged all religion and magic practises. It has refused to be corrupted by Christianity, other religions and the media. The core practises of Palo Mayombe is still solid, which makes powerful. The practices are rightly not to be exposed to those that are not in the religion, this is the strength of Palo Mayombe.

Palo Mayombe Magic – Good or Evil?

Palo Mayombe is often referred to as black magic. That is wrong as the black magic purpose is to use supernatural power to cause harm to others for your selfish gain or satisfaction. Palo Mayombe is guided by a code of conducts that forbids this kind of intentions. The purpose of Palo is to protect and cure. It is to protect its members from all form of dangers and cure them of any ‘disease’ in their bodies, finances and general life affairs.

Sometimes good or evil can be subjective. A spell cast to set someone free from the oppression of an enemy may do some damage that enemy. Good or evil in this case will depend on which side you are.

To Palo Mayombe faithful, the community is very important. Great emphasis is placed on this in Palo’s code of ethics. A Palero is not to embark on any actions that will badly affect his immediate and extended committed.

Palo Mayombe is a religious practise that has remained powerful and uncompromised through many generations. A Tata/Yaya for help and consultation about the unbelievable benefits of Palo Mayombe.